Saturday, April 12, 2008

Roger Bannister and Hussain Sagar Run

Another weekend in Hyderabad and a quick 9.3K at Hussain Sagar in 50 minutes. It was a good run this time around. Started at 6.20AM and finished by 7.10AM. This is a fantastic route and just as I was finishing the Army guys were out in full swing.

I was doing some post run stretches as part of my cool down and noticed Naveen's dad walking on the other side of the road and he also momentarily stopped to look at me. I crossed the road to wish him and we walked past the Tank Bund and uncle invited me to his home (just 2KM from there). Notwithstanding home commitments I went ahead to catch up Auntie (Naveen's mom) for some update and also the Tea. As usual Auntie insisted on breakfast but I convinced her for "Chai".

Uncle gave a quick glance at his books and mentioned about Roger Bannister. He was the first chap to break the "Four minute a mile" barrier which was kind of unbroken for years. Once Roger Bannister broke the very next year 37 more runners broke and by many many more in years to come. I get to know so many things from Naveen's dad and he is an ocean of knowledge and he suggested me some quick reads on positive thinking.

Read More about Roger Bannister here.

Also not to mention how his wife goes hand in glove with all his books and thoughts. She in fact was the first to see my weight clamp down and was very happy. You see I lost around 10Kgs in last 4-5 months just by running and some simple diet. I'm aiming for 79 and thereabouts and would want to hang in there for as much time as I can. All in all it was good day and I'm not sure if I want to do a back to back 10K run tomorrow morning, but I might as well.

BTW, just finished "Motor Cycle Diaries" and man what a movie ! More in my next post, until then Happy Running !

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