Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pleasured Pain - 16.8KM at EGL

So the day began at 5AM and by 5.30 I was stretching and with my Hero Octane I was at the EGL entrance by 5:55AM. Met Atul (I earlier had a mail intro with him) and handed him the annual membership cheque and then quickly met some Auroville Marathon runners and we began to stretch. This was my first run with RFL and the loop was Airport perimeter, 4.2 KMs. The run began at 6.20AM and it was nice small group of around 20 people ready for the fortnight run. A couple of runners lead us through the path and I was waiting to be slowly set into a pace and soon Alok and I ran into each other at an even pace and started with some introductions and within no time we reached the water-stop 4.2KM from the start and we took a U-turn as it was too early for a water stop.

Then we slowly started discussing our professional life and 8.4KM was completed in 45 minutes and off we went for the second loop. With so much to discuss Alok was a great running buddy. He was 40 something and works for Dell at a senior level. Looks like is heal was little niggly and soon we took some electrol at the 12.6KM and paced down slowly. There was a wild thought to go for the 24 or 20K but then we thought we'll settle for 16K and also the fact that I had to cycle back a good 3KM thereafter. It was nice start and probably will go for a 24K in the next fortnight.

But the whole concept of pleasured pain was now getting onto me. It reminds me of Sandy from Chennai runners who says "Suffering in group is so much better than suffering alone". Link to his blog. Do have a read there.

All in all quite a hectic two days and when I came back home I had to do quite a lot of stretching. Had breakfast with Ritesh at Sri Krishna Kafe, Kormanagla. I'll write sometime later about SKK but a must visit place. The best was yet to come as I went in for a siesta at about 11.30AM and woke up to see myself playing "Antakshari" with Biswa's cousin and sister.

The lunch was prepared by Biswa's "Mousi" and it was sumptuous and since it was 4PM lunch I guess even my dinner is kind a done. But the catnap I had at noon was filled with pain and now I felt like deserved to have food. But yes, what a day !

With more runs yet to come and tomorrow being a holiday, I met just be seen in some hill around. There is also a Nandi hill up and down run tomorrow by Sabine but guess it will be too much for this poor soul.

Happy Running !


Lonn said...

I just discovered your blog - after seeing about your run on It was a lot of fun to read. I hope you keep writing and running. Lonn

Balu said...

Thanks mate ... tried looking u at the weendure user list... you are very senior and I'll be glad if I can do at least half of what you at your age.. good luck and happy running !