Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ghati Subramanya Temple

"Ghati Subramanya Temple" is around 70 KMs from Bangalore. You need to take the Dodabellapur raod. Just before you hit Yelahanka from the NH7 you can notice a left deviation going into Yelahanka township. It is NH-207 and goes all the way to Hindupur in AP.

You need to cross Doddabellapur and around 15KMs from there you'll have to take a right. No clear sign boards so just keep asking locals enroute just after you cross Doddabellapur.

It is lord Murugan's temple and very much in tradition with the "Kukke" subramanya temple. Here you find him in the "Naga" avathar and all the "sarpa (snake) dosha" related poojas are performed here. We went in more like a tourist and to enjoy the drive. Also present is Lord Narsimha Swamy whom you can see in Mirror as a reflection within the sanctum sanctorum. Not very crowded and there are KSRTC bus trips to this place as well from Majestic.

Overall the drive is very pleasant and if you have more time and are interested you can drive up to "Lepakshi" in AP, probably another 60 KMs (not sure) from here. You need to cross Gaurbidanur and then go to Hindupur in AP before you reach Lepakshi. It is famous for "hasthakala" and also a very giant Nandi statue. Though I haven't been there myself.

Abhay and I have biked last time for almost 900 Kms to Coorg and around last time for three days. This was very short by our standards and it was 150 KMs overall.

We had a pretty short neat trip on a "Ugadi" morning and by 11.30 we were near Malleshwaram only to discover that "New Krishna Bhavan" was closed for the day and after contemplating with other choices like "Kamat Yatri Nivas" for North Karnataka meals ( Jolada Roti Meals ) we decided to go to "Sukh Sagar" for Gujarati meals in Majestic. This is the one near to the Majestic theater and "Adiyar Anand Bhavan" in Majestic. More about this delicacy in my blog some time this week with elaborate description.

Until next trip, catch you !
PS: More pictures at my Picasa page.

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