Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Alvida - Tranquility 305

Finally it has been almost 4 years since I moved into Bangalore and to this Apartment in Koramangla, Tranquility 305. Today is my last day here !

My first job, first time with roommates and so many firsts.
It has been a great great time with roomies here. To put it, Awesome !

Thanks to Biswa, Vineel, Susheel, Ritesh and Ram who had been great roomies all this while.

Moving out...placed at Parking

All those parathas from our cooks, IPL matches, TV shows like Roadies and Big Boss, Balacony talks, Terrace walks, Running around the parks and tracks, silly neighbours, live graveyards ..... man, so many memories...

Miss you all guys, Will miss Tranquility.

Now moving into a new life and a new Avtar with Anisha !

Some moving out pics:

Friday, March 26, 2010

Mumbai - short trip

So here I'm in Mumbai for a quick short trip. Took the morning 6AM flight to Mumbai (that meant I had to start by 4Am, means had to get up by 3AM)....then slept in the flight.... and reached Mumbai by 7.40AM. Then reached Babulnath (Girgaon Chowpati) for some work.

If you are very new to Mumbai and want to reach a destination and don't mind spending Rs 15 per KM then you choose from a variety of prepaid/postpaid taxis. I prefer Meru cabs and as soon as you are about to leave the Arrivals exit, onto your right you'll find free phones that have direct lines to their cab's call centers. You just have to pick the phone (don't have to dial - direct lines) and give your destination and mobile number. He'll give you the cab number and you just have to go out and wait for your cab. Generally within 3-5 minutes your cab should be there (Thanks to Nitesh, my roomie who told me about this).

Passed through Shivaji park, Siddhi Vinayak Temple, Haji Ali, Mahalakshmi. From Haji Ali I knew the route and this is where two years ago I ran the Mumbai marathon. Interestingly my cabbie new about marathons and stuffs.

For lunch I wanted to go to Shivaji park. I vaguely remember a place called Prakash near Sena Bahavan when I last visited. Hiked a taxi to Sena Bhavan. The best thing about Mumbai is you just have to get into the Taxi and tell the destination and that's what I precisely did. After getting down at Sena Bhavan I went to shop in for some Chikkis(for Ani) and casually asked for Prakash restaurant. The shopkeeper said it is down the next street.

Just as I reached the Prakash I was getting into my old memories but was disappointed to see the shop closed for the day. But that didn't deter my search saboodana wada and khicdi (Aside: Ani makes them Super). Just then I found a decent looking restaurant and was able to get some Maharashtrian stuff.

-- Dhahi Missal
-- Saboo Dana wada
-- Chaas (butter milk)

I was beaming and then started to explore the nearby area Dadar and had some Kookum juice, Piyush juice (mango lassi types). Then after more walking had some Aam Panna (raw mango juice). It was sultry as usual here at Mumbai.

After great deal of walking and some phone calls I wanted to try their BEST buses but figured out there is no direct bus to Airport. Finally hiked one more taxi and reached Airport good 3 hours before my flight. So here is the blog and finishing replies to some older emails.

Until then...... have fun !

Monday, March 15, 2010

Shambo Shiv Shambo - Jr NTR

This guys dances amazingly.

Wishing a Happy Ugadi to all my readers !
-- AB

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Leader - Telugu Movie Review - SUPER

SUPER SUPER SUPER. That's the verdict.

This bloke, Rana is just the guy Telugu cinema was waiting for. Though he comes from filmi background but I bet he is here to staty.

He is just too good and has an awesome voice and demeanor. Just wondering how he will do romantic roles but I'm sure he'll carry it well.

I'm inspired and looks like I was waiting to get inspired. Time for some personal goals again.

Shekar Kammula has made a stunner after making feel good movies before.

Go watch, Leader !

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Heart Break Run at Hyderabad

Before you can surmise anything, this was just a run with Hyderabad Runners. After a long time I caught with fellow runners at Hyderabad for a 11.5KM heart break run.

Watch the route on the map above closely and you'll see it is in the form of heart break and thus the name.

Ran with Deviyani from Asha Hyderabad for most part of the run and then Rajesh Vetcha joined in to listen my pre and post engagement stories.

Good run and wonderful to be back running with Hyderabad Runners !

Keep Miling !