Monday, June 30, 2008

Bellandur Run and Movies

Last weekend was special in many ways. Had a great sleep and woke up right at 8AM when the maid buzzed the bell. By 9AM I was getting a tad restless and wanted to run but finally decided to cycle on the roads and took my usual 21K route and decided to go via Lal Bagh on the return. Just bumped into office for a while to check some code so that it can be re-run for the next day as it takes 4 hours to run on my dataset. Then went back home and Biswa hinted that we have to fill in the grocery stuff so after a quick bath we dashed to Spar market right near the Sony world junction. Pretty close to our place and Biswa decided to take the car as we expected to gross in a lot of stuff. It was almost two hours of shopping and by the time we reached home it was 2PM. So we decided to make quick "dalia" khichidi and added soya chunks, raddish, carrot, mutter and you name it. Came out perfect and I was sleeping the rest of the day and dinner was contended with frozen parathas.

Sunday started at 4.30AM and by 6AM we were near the Bellandur rail crossing. I took the Sarjapur road and found Doc Rajat waiting on his car. Even I wasn't sure of the directions but soon one of the RFL chaps directed us in his motorcycle. Quite a good turnout. Met up with couple of fellow runners. RFL guys pinned us with some light weight RFID timers on our bibs as a new trial. The loop was supposed to be a 8KM one but Aswin's Garmin read it was 7.26KM. Ran with Aswin for most of the time before we bumped into Pankaj and ran the last 10KM with him. We wanted to stop at 14K but Pankaj made sure we did a neat 21K and it was great to run with Pankaj. We clocked 21K in two and half hour. Spent some time stretching as others started to move.

When I reached home it was time to try the new peanut butter and by noon our cook was there and we had rajma made for the dinner and sattu paratha for lunch. Later spent the day sleeping and by 6PM it was movie time.

"In Bruges" was recommended to me by pal Chandy and I guess its still under download. So "Pursuit of HappYness" was this weekend's choice and it was fantastic and nuances of life suits aptly to Indian conditions as well. Two hours of emotions and by 9PM it was time for Rajma Chawal as dinner to round off a well deserved weekend break. Time to start venturing for some nice swimming places. The abs crunches have started and by year end I'm planning to get rid off the beauty spot around by belly and touch the sub 80 weight. Way to go Balu !

Until then keep running !

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Weekday Run, Finally

After slumbering out there for almost 3 weeks, here I am finally on road miling on a weekday. I'm back into strict diet again and yesterday night Biswa and I decided to do a quick 6K run. As usual after snoozing the clock couple of times I was up by 5.30AM and Biswa decided to cave into further sleep. So by 6.20AM I was out on outer ring road clocking miles. Then went into EGL for a brief while and at a later stage went into Kormangla 5th and 6th block before I finally reached home exactly after an hour.

Been really long running on a weekday and I'm sure the high calorie mangoes that I had the previous night was very motivating. Have been consistently hanging around 82Kgs for sometime now. Time to break into the sub-79 barrier in couple of months and intend to maintain it thereabouts. Not sure where to run this Saturday, but might go to GKVK cycling (still undecided though). After the new washing machine at home here, life has been great. Its a Samsung, fully automatic, in the price range of 9.5K. Guess worth to have one.

Until then boy and girls, keep miling.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Weekend Running and Movie @ Hyderabad

Was a short trip and ran at KBR park going about 2 loops. KBR park is really good test for the knees with so much of up and down hill. Looks like the Hyderabad Runners had already started before 6AM and I had to do a solo. Haven't been running on weekdays for sometime now and I guess I'll have to start from this week on. Shumit sent me a mail about ECR run this July 20 organized by Chennai Runners. Guess I'll be doing a 30K there and would probably be my longest ever.

Later in the day Naveen and I met up at Kamat in Lakdi ka pool and I had my "Pessaratu Upma". Then we decided to go to a movie and we chose "Gamyam" telugu movie. I must confess, it was a great decision. "Gamayam" takes a simple subject and is an earnest attempt by the director and the casting has been real good. Everyone played the role to their best and the director chose to have have many familiar faces even for roles that don't last more than a minute. He might have as well chosen new faces to cut some costs. All in all it was an amazing movie and I recommend you all to watch it if you can get access to its DVD.

This week on I'll be pushing into more vigorous running on weekdays and back to some regular diet. Keep me watching.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Hippocratic Oath

Most of the medical folks must be aware of this. But just in case you are curious to know look up at Wiki.

The question of ethics is used very subtly.

Pappu Can't Dance Saala

From : Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Monday, June 16, 2008

Dutholon - not really

Well my Sunday started as early as 3.30AM and the plan was to cycle all the way till the RFL fortnightly run on the Kanakpura road. Some 26KM from my place and then run a 10K there and back to home. Things went according to plan as I started from my place at 4.45AM and by 6AM I was at the venue all set. While on my way I realized that the JP Nagar is all dug up for Metro and since I had a cycle I was able to manoeuvre it easily. I guess the air in tyres weren't up to the mark so the ride wasn't as quick as I expected it to be.

Then the run started on a beautiful serene surrounding with a loop of 5 KM. Finished two loops and it was a mixture of trail and road running with up and down hill. Then took my bicycle for a 7KM loop on the tar road and it was wonderful. After some snacks like biscuits, energy bars and electral drinks I started to cycle back. Joseph offered to help to drop me back if needed but I guess I was okay cycling back. On my way back things started to get a little tough with even small elevation was like a big uphill task. I walked those short distances and Joseph and his wife passed by encouraging.

Within no time I crossed the NICE road and Metro outlet on Kanakpura road and by 10.30AM I was back home. Luckily the new cook called up and he was about to come in an hour. So we got some nice Aloo and Satoo parathas made. Just the previous night Amit and I had been Bobby Dhabba near Ulsoor lake adjacent to the Gurudwara. 170 bucks for two people for 7 paratha, chole and dal makahani. Its been raining parathas for me.

Till then folks, keep miling !

Saturday, June 14, 2008

22.5K, Longest Ever

After having watched Italy and Romania settling for a draw and some close EURO encounters it was time to turn back to running. I ran a 21K last sunday and I ran today close to 22.5K in two and half hours, the longest ever I've run and by this month I plan to touch 25K and probably a 30K next month in Chennai (and hopefully a 42K in Hyderabad in July).

As usual the day began at 4.30 in the morning and by 5.30 I was miling. I just kept on running and with a far too less speed. Having no other plans for the weekend (couldn't get any Dasavtaram tickets) I guess I had to wait for my cook for some paranthas. Two over just went by and 8AM I was almost close to my house. Had some coconut water and then rushed home for an oat meal breakfast. Had to do some post run stretching for almost 30 minutes.

Tomorrow there is an RFL run at Kanakpura road and I plan to cycle there. 22KM from my place. Then run a max of 10K and then cycle back. Very miniature version of a Duotholon. Lets see how things shape up, but a nice time to hit the sack.

Till then adios amigo !

Friday, June 13, 2008

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Russell Peters

Viewer discretion on audio recommended.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Self Imposed Half Marathon - 21K

I did not run on Saturday morning but was planning a treadmill run but somehow I'm not an evening runner. So just yesterday night during the EURO 2008 matches I decided its time I did a big one solo. Plan was to go to GKVK but wasn't worth the effort. So the day began right at 4:15AM and I was awake by 4.30AM. Got my energy bars, electral in the empty Gatorade bottle at exactly at 5:35AM I was miling.

The route that I generally take is for my cycling activity and today it had to be running and I guess my first water stop was after an hour and fifteen minutes, around the 12KM mark. By two hours I had almost done 19 odd KMs and by two hours and 15 minutes I reached close to Maharaja hotel near my home. I wanted to cut through the 25KM mark which would have been the highest that I would have ever run on a single day but I guess I'll do that in July in Chennai (30K mostly). Then Amit, Kunal and I were supposed to go for brunch but we got Kunal's confirmation a bit late. So Amit and I went to New Krishna Bhavan at Sampige road and it was all the effort.

The pain is slowly sinking in and the weather overcast. Just the right time to go for a siesta.

Click here for the route

Friday, June 6, 2008

Back on roads miling

After having leisured around for 4 days here I'm back to running ways. Though did just around 6KMs I guess I could have done another 6 easily but the Sun was out by 7AM. Biswa and I decided to do a quick one today and by 6.40AM we started to run and by 7.20AM we wound it up. Mostly ran along the Intermediate Ring road between Indira Nagar and Koramangla.

We got a new cook at home, Parmeshwar and he is good. Only problem is he comes as early as 6.30PM and we are used to eat around 9ish in the nights. Never mind and I guess this Saturday I'll run in the vicinity and may be on Sunday at GKVK or at Cubbon. Until then keep miling.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Slumbering again

No runs this week yet apart from the RFL run last Sunday. The alarm went on at 5Am only to be snoozed three times. At least tomorrow I'll run a 10K. This is my 101st post and going strong. I might miss the GKVK run this Saturday but perhaps Sunday will be a good opportunity.

Keep running !

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hypothecation Removal/Cancellation/Termination

If any of you had bought a two wheeler or a four wheeler on loan will notice in your RC book that the vehicle is actually under "Hypothecation" under the bank that has loaned you though the vehicle may be in your name. Agreed and sometimes in your vehicle insurance papers as well. Once your loan term has expired (successfully) you will receive all your cheques that you must have signed and submitted which is used for ECS debit and for defaulter cases.

In my case it was ICICI bank that promptly sent me the cheques with "Cancelled" printed on each of them and then at a later stage they sent me "NOC" (no objection certificate) address both the insurance office and the RTO. Luckily here in Bangalore, and I'm sure at other places as well, Hypothecation cancellation/Termination is pretty straight forward. The bank will also send you Form 35 along with the NOC. Figure out which is your RTA in Bangalore, KA "01" comes under Koramangla RTA housed at the BDA complex.

The procedure is simple.

* Get your vehicle a pollution certificate (30 bucks) and take a photocopy.
* Get a photocopy of the Insurance certificate.
* Get the original RC book.
* Get the NOC and sign up at appropriate places in Form 35.

Go to the RTA office (before 12PM preferably) and in payment counter pay Rs 100 and tell him Hypothecation Termination. Take the receipt along with the documents and go to the counter where Hypothecation termination is done. You might have to move from one counter to other so don't get bogged down. Always address Govt. employees as "Sir" in a favourish manner and then your work gets done faster. If you know "Kannada" then just speak it. I manged with my broken Kannada. Then they will give you a receipt mentioning the date you should come and collect the modified RC book (typically between 4.30 to 5PM in 2-3 days). Say "thank you" profusely at every place.

Have a look at their webpage as well: Services they offer

No broker and wastage of money. I guess at some places you need to take a DD which is also very simple as these offices are provided with DD counters. Some brokers (mostly the car driving schools and the ones in the vicinity of RTA offices) charge 200 or 300 bucks for no real work at all. Though at the first sight the RTO folks might look like non-cooperating they will get your things done. Make sure you have all the documents and don't try to be verbose in "English". Look simple and naive and things will be done.

Time even these things are introduced at the Bangalore one centers as well. Also if you are member of the "Automobile Association of Southern India", then they will offer these services for a very nominal charge. They also help in towing your vehicle in case of breakdown and host of other services. Check out their website for more details.

Just heard that there will e-passports from 2009 in India.

Good Luck folks !

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

U2 and Green Day "The Saints Are Coming"

Happen it get this link:

This was based on the New Orleans tragedy in the USA.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekend Running - 25K

A weekend in Bangalore after a long time and that too only devoted for running. The idea was to a day 20K in one day or probably 26K as well but decided to settle at 25K split across the weekend.

On Saturday I had planned to run with the GKVK runners at GKVK which is like 22K from my house. A crazy thought to bike (cycle) till GKVK was lingering but because I was planning a long run I decided to motorbike instead and these days I use my motorbikes only during weekends after I started cycling to office daily. So my day started at 4.15AM and I was ready after some quick stretching by 5.20AM and I reached GKVK at 6AM. The meeting point was the Ganesh temple Sabine was all set there with some other regulars there. People slowly started to come by by 6.15AM we started. Mr Patel (patil?) was there with his lovely Alsatian Robin. It was a very cool dog and was enjoying the run as well. Initially I took the lead almost running alone for first 2KM and then I had to wait for regulars to know the route. Then I was joined by Shantanu who recently moved to Bangalore from Mumbai, Atreya, Core, and Manoj as Sabine directed as for some trail routes intermittently. Then we soon finished a loop of around 6.5K and it was overall around 8.6KM as we stopped for water. The timing was OK I guess and the weather was perfect. Then some of us decided to do a second loop and this time I was running with Satish and Shantanu most of the time and in one hour and forty minnutes I finishe close to 15KM and I decided to hang my boots for the day. Had my energy bar and Manoj offered his dates bar as well.

Then Sabine started to talk about preparation for Kaveri and the Ultra. I was planning a 42 at Kaveri and 52 at the Ultra and probably shaping myself for the run. Then met up with Satish to discuss about some motor biking trips we may want to do in the near future and met some other bikers from RMTC motor biking club who were planning to do the Himalayan bike trip. July and August are typically the bikers season as it snows very badly in there. Pretty much in contrast to the Road of Bones (refer my previous posting on this) where the lakes freeze when it snows, and that is when you can actually bike (the only time in the year). I guess I'll do a Himalayan ride next year for sure if I'm around in India. They will transporting their bullet to Delhi and then drive up until Leh.

Finally was back home by 11AM and it was the last day for my cook and I had one Sattoo paratha and pulav with some paneer curry and raitha. It was a no tobacco day and asked some my friends to stop smoking for the day. According to the latest definition of "public place" for smoking in India they have excluded roads and included pubs. Insane !

Day 2:
Planned to run Sunday for the RFL fortnight runs at the EGL. Biswa told me the previous night that KC Das at Church Street had a Bengali breakfast. So there was a motivation to run and I was planning around 10K since it was my first back to back runs greater than 10K. So my day began at 5AM and by 6AM I was there and got my bib and the loop was 5.1K. Caught up with Aswin and Joseph and "Hi's" with others. Aswin bought this new Garmin GPS watch for around $200 and I guess I must try to buy one year end. We started off pretty well and Aswin was my running mate all throughout but I preferred to stop and he was probably going for another 4K. After some quick chat with few I was back home by 7.45AM and Biswa and I were all set for KC Das only to realize that the breakfast starts at 9.30AM and it was 8.40AM and we decided to walk the MG road. Days at Riya and evening walks flashed us and we had coffee at the India Coffee house at the MG. Then we walked till Nilgiris on the Brigade to buy some fruits and stuff (Moong Wadi) and then reached KC Das.

KC Das (Church Street), near Koshy's.

Some Bengali delicacies like "Luchi", where poori is made out of Maida, aloo dum and channa dal (little sweet) is served. Priced at 20 Indian bucks and then we tried this "hing kachori" that comes with same accompaniments. Some dahi misthi to win it up. There are other items like "green peas kachori" that weren't ready that time. But Luchi I guess its a pretty neat place and wallet factor is also decent considering Rosagullas are the main sweet dishes around. Lot of new steak houses have bobbed in there but I may not be the right person to review them.

All in all a pretty good weekend and with IPL Finals in couple of hours its going to be exciting. Until then boys, keep running and have healthy food.