Sunday, April 27, 2008

GoCycle meet Bangalore

GoCyle's Bangalore meet was more than my expectations. Truly this was an amazing experience meeting up so many cyclists and making new friends. I must say this was a neatly organized event. What was more exciting to see were the kids who were a having ball. All this started with an ad in "The Hindu" newspaper three days back and they way it unfolded was perfect. No high promises, no criticisms, but just concentration on the event and to spread message to cycle as much as you can.

The started at 7.30AM when I started off from home and went to Adiyar Anand Bhavan for a coffee and I was skeptical initially and was expecting skeleton number of participants. But when I passed by Bethany school near Koramangla which was one of the starting points I was surprised. Looked like an impressive turnout and I joined in. Got a cool Tee and as everyone was doing I wore it one top of my Yonex Tee. Slowly started to take some snaps and then meeting up folks down there and getting to know them. I spotted Pulkit and his wife there and it was encouraging to see Pulkit back in action. Then I spotted Ashwin from RFL with whom I ran before at RFL runs. Then by 8.30AM we were all set to start for the Chancery hotel where other bikers from various parts of the city were supposed to join. The ride started smoothly but I noticed that kids wheren't given enough cover on the roads. Couple of us decided to cover the kids and shadow them till the end as we were on the main roads with hostile motorists around. The trail went through Vivek Nagar, Victoria road and halted near Lifestyle building so that everyone could be gathered. Reva, the baterry driven cars where also shadowing most of us and a Mahindra Scorpio right behind the last cyclist. Then we moved towards MG road and then onto Lavelle road right into Chancery hotel. The good thing is traffic cops until now were receptive and warm.

All the cyclists now gathered and we soon unwound ourseleves again for a show of strength loop. We now went to Cubon road and almost all the traffic were onto a grinding halt and we moved smoothly onto MG road and volunteers stopping traffic at unmanned junctions to ensure smooth and safe ride back to Chancery Hotel. It was fun and now traffic cops were cooperating with us and respecting every cyclists, cheering the kids occasionally and a very warm "welcome" to my "Thank You"s to them. I guess I never felt so elated for the day. Now it was time to lock cycles and get into the hotel and get some refreshments and message from the GoCycle folks. Most of the big names from the cycling blogs from Bangalore where around. I met with Shree ( and other cyclists. "Bums on Saddle" folks were also around and as I sipped in Tea I watched some impromptu quiz contest conducted.

As the event was drawing to a close, I grabbed some sandwiches (didn't intend to initially) and was talking with a big HP junta. Manu, Srinivas, Ashwin, Shree and others. Nice pep talk and then we decided to head home. Ashwin, Srinivas and I decided to go together via Domlur as Ashwin proceeded towards Airport road and from Domlu Srini and I took towards Koramangla over the inner ring road and I stopped by 4th block as Srini had to go to Sarjapur road. It was a great fun biking on roads with all gears and stud looks.

It was noon again by the time I reached home and after taking bath I decided to cook (I love cooking). Potato curry, plain rice, curd, "Pulikachal" mix (Thanks to Bharath for his Tamarind mix from grand sweets, Chennai) and some Bhujjia were more than enough. I'll be on leave most of this week and I'll be in Madurai early this week for my Sister's house warming ceremony and will be in Bangalore as my folks will be here for three days. So its a jam packed week and I'll probably hit running on Sunday organized RFL for their fortnightly runs at cubbon park part of their Nike club runs. So just in case you don't receive any mails during this period I'll be right back post May 3rd.

Until then keep running and cycling !
PS: As usual, pics at my Picasa page.


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