Wednesday, April 2, 2008

MTR binge

(Kunal missing in the pic)

Finally the we made it. MTR near Lalbagh for a lunch. Six of us from our lunch gang, with a cloud cover reached MTR by 1PM. We sent a set of three ppl first to book and reserve seats half an hour earlier. Kunal wanted to know if they can go ahead, but I was like "No way Man, Wait for us".

The whole point is, watching Kunal eat is a spectacle in its own right. Not the way he eats but the way he describes the incoming food that is just about to reach your "thali", his expressions thereafter. None of us wanted to miss it and so we asked him to wait. Vandy has grown, from eating samosas, puffs and idlis for lunch to having a proper full-fledged meal with us. Though she still has a long way to go, but she is definitely thereabouts with our style.

I've grown old and have "been there done that" kind of a person now. Amit has been experimenting with his tummy with all kinds of food now and I'm sure he'll miss Bangalore at least for the kind of cuisine it has to offer and he'll never compare it with his cheese at Gujarat. Tarun was not all that pleased as he was expecting more and Bharath who reached (or was forced) at the close call liked it and was happy to see the lunch pass through peacefully.

All in all, kudos to this lunch gang that formed out of strong despise to the office food that is served at the 7th floor of Salarpuria. I guess we've grown into a nice tiny little group which used to go on its own and now into a lovely group where we have one nice hour of happy eating and discussing all sorts of politics.

Here is how Kunal looks before and after the meal at MTR.
(Pic courtesy Vandy)

Happy Luncheon !

--- Just as I wrapped up this post, Kunal had some trivia to share ---

did you know MTR is for Mavalli Tiffin Rooms

did you know that there is a waiting room there

did you know that you are assigned tokens, which need to be produced upstairs in the waiting room, which then gets assigned a number, and then you are called

did you know that the typical waiting time varies between 10 and 45 minutes, on any given sunday .. and on sundays the waiting times increase

did you know it costs 28 bucks from Forum to get there

do you know that the food is served with precise logic, everything (food items) preceding and succeeding each other ....

the following was served today ----

1. grape juice
2. roomali roti
3. plain rice
4. curd rice
5. wangi bhath (wangi = egg plant)
6. fruits with icecream, and the fruits included black grapes, cherries, cheecukoo, and pineapple
7. papad
8. ghee
9. amazing achar
10. dry sabzi
11. sambhar
12. rasam
13. gravy sabzi
14. payasam
15. carrot, coconut based grated salad
16. raita
17. dahi wada
18. bida (pan .. at the end of the food served)

gulab jamun was the 19h dish

there was another dish, and for the life of me, cannot remember it

90 bucks, air conditioned room, not all rooms are air conditioned, and amazing service

what the heck more do you mere mortals want


- kunal


Aditi Das Patnaik said...

Nice! Well kunal reacts to all kinds of desi food like wise. Now you know what a circus it is!

Digithought said...

Burppppp!!!! still digesting the food....awesome dude....i would like to say it again...start a food blog...let the world benefit from ur true taste of food...