Saturday, December 22, 2012

Baked Nippattu

Today we tried making Nippattu at home.
We haven't used our oven for some time for baking and as a trial before Christmas we started off with Nippattu. Thanks to the below link from where we got the recipe.

Though the baking in our convection oven took 30 odd minutes at 250c.

My mom-in-law got us some nice silicon baking trays and moulds from Dubai that came in handy.
Next we will be trying some banana walnut muffins for Aadu and Garlic Naan !!
More as we bake !

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mumbai with Aadu

So finally a vacation !! Yes this time it was at Mumbai.

We stayed at the Trident right on Nariman Point. Their buffet breakfast at Frangipani was among the best I've had. I enjoyed my morning runs on Marine Drive, the Tonga rides, Taxis and the Marathi Food.

Aadu really enjoyed it there at the Hotel and the Christmas decorations were in full swing with Christmas Trees all around the Oberoi.

Went to IIT Mumbai to attend Ani's Brothers reception and happen to meet Andrew Zeisserman from Oxford.

Thanks to my dear friend Amit Patil who had previously taken me on Mumbai darshan during my Mumbai marathon and I exactly followed the same itinerary. Marine drive, Prakash (Near Sena Bhavan), Gateway of India etc etc. My mom-in-law went in for Siddhi Vinayak and Mahalakshmi when we were snoozing.

Overall this was a great trip with swimming, steam baths and foot massages and Aadu and Ani.
My good old days of running, diet and traveling are back !

We will come back !