Saturday, July 12, 2014

Le Pondy

Before Aadu's school started, we gave a in a quick drive to Pondicherry.

Its almsot ~380KM from Bangalore. Haven't taken the Tirivanamali route as we were not sure about the road conditions there. So after lot of research, we took below route.

Bangalore - Pondicherry (380KM)

Bangalore - Hosur - Krishnagiri - Vellore - (after ~15KM from Vellore) Take right towards Cheyyar - Vandavasi - Tinidivanam - Pondi
(Choose the above route in Google directions)

After crossing vellore, you will see a board pointing to Arcot (towards right). Do not take right here. Go further down, and then you will see again another board for Arcot. This is a tricky right, that goes a little zig zag. Just try to reach Cheyyar in the direction board.

We started at around 6.30 and reached by 1PM. Le Pondy another 10KM from Pondi town.
We used Google maps most of the times.

Le Pondy

This is a nice resort, outskirts of pondi. This has a private beach (you can say that). Thats the best part. They have a nice pool as well. A small play area for kids. Aadu loved beach and the pool.

The food was average. We spent most of our time at the resort.

We also gave a quick dash to Auroville and Mankkul Vinayakar temple.

Was planning a beach run but didn't.

Until next time.. keep reading....

Sunday, June 22, 2014

TCS 10K - 2014 and Nike Vomero 9

Finally, did a decent 10K to start this year at the TCS10k this May, Bangalore, 2014

Finished in 1hour and 2 minutes. Have been clocking some decent miles from the start of this year and averaging 25K per week.

Some of my colleagues participated for first time.

Time for a half marathon at Kaveri this September.

A slight nag in my right heel and it was time to upgrade my Asics. Can't believe that I haven't changed my shoes for more than 2000KM - since 2011 ( as I was running intermittently). But for the last one year or so my pace has picked up and so are my running days.

Finally chose Nike Zoom Vomero 9 that had extra cushion around the heels.

Nike Pegasus 31 was fine and  Nike Flynit was like barefoot. Tell you, Adidas Energy Boost was equally

Clocked 5KM today, seems decent. Will review it further.

Monday, May 5, 2014

4 years ....

5-5-2014... we enter our 5th year of marriage...
took a cheeky time off :)

Aadu was @ Patti's place. Sorry young man ! But we got the cake for you.

The above pic was at 22 ... More as things unwind... Training for TCS 10K is currently on, more on that later.

Adios !

Monday, March 31, 2014

Chennai, Shatabdi and Marina...

After a very very long time we went in for a weekend holiday.
We went to Chennai to catch some beach and my sister,bro-in-law and their daughter.

Aadu liked his stay at the hotel and on Sunday morning he liked the marina beach.

This was the first time Aadu was exposed to the swimming pool. He enjoyed being at the pool immensely and was all throughout like "Row, row, row your boat"

Aadu enjoyed Shatabdi immensely, playing pranks with passengers.

Finally some small mini holiday for all of us !