Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sri Krishna Kafe - Koramangla

Sree Krishna Kafe, popularly known as SKK among it's loyalists is in Koramangla 5th block. It is on the one way where other pouplar restaurants such as "Filling Station", "Nandana Grand", "Kairali (Kerala specialty)" and others are located. It is right next to Anand Sweets adjacent to GK Vale (above Kairali). Very narrow steps lead you to the top and the service is available in the first and second floors.

The meals are available only during lunch time alongside some tiffin items like dosas (all varieties), chapati kurma, parotha kurma, curd rice and some mixed rice depending on the day of the week. Meals are priced at Rs 68 on weekdays and 75 on weekends. If you are looking for traditional Tamil types south Indian with Brahminsh flavour with a tinge of Palaghat then this is the place. Authentic I must say and people who are sick of the Sagar kind of sambhar, then this is the place. Yes, you'll find coconut mixed in everywhere but probably that's what makes it so tasty. You need to go the second floor where they serve both tiffin and meal items during lunch as the first floor serves only meals during this time. Otherwise during breakfast and dinner both the floors are teeming with people.

Service is quick and prompt and you needn't tip them (at least during the lunch time). They have a tip box hidden somewhere near the bill counter. Don't expect finger bowls, just head to the wash basin and wash. The tiffin items during the evening keep changing depending on the day of the week. See the above menu card to know what it has to offer. "Adai" is one of my favourites here, though "onion rava masala" is the best. Chutneys and Sambar keep pouring as you keep summoning the chap who is very busy.

For lunch, it is mostly carbo-loading to me. Fridays are our favourite as "brinjal" curry and "Avial" is served here with the meal. If you are late (say post 2.30PM) the brinjal curry might just be over and they compensate with a quickly made "Aloo" curry. Three types of "Koimbu" or gravy items you get here apart from the Sambar: "Rasam", "Moru Koimbu" (made of buttermilk), "Karra Koimbu" (with "parpu urandai" - balls made out of dal). Then you get curd, one sweet dish and little "more" (buttermilk). Apalam (fried plain papad) and "more molega" (fried chilli) and pickle as additional accompaniments. Weekend lunch is more grand and you might end up eating more in temptation.

As I keep reviewing this place I catch up with Mr. Pandian who now heads this current place. There is (was) one more SKK on Bannerghatta road but looks like both the managements are different now. I cannot vouch for it, but the one at Koramangla road is the one you must go for if you haven't already been. They've been here for a long time now and have made each and every guest who comes to SKK feel home. Even sometimes the owners lend a helping hand in serving. Usually you'll find the place fully occupied but sometimes you might have to wait for 10-15 minutes, which just passes in a jiffy.

Coffee here is equally tasty, Madras degree coffee types. A trivia on how the word "degree" coffee came about. Looks like during those days they used to measure the hotness of milk with some degree-scale and from there the word degree crept in, and hence the term degree coffee. Got to know about it recently when I was in Chennai and talking to a fellow friend. Try their different varieties of Idlies that they have to offer. "Kheema Idly" is my favourite and also "Kheema Parotha" is my kind of snack and answer to the Chaat. There are many other standard delicacies available apart from the special ones.

So if you wanted to try a meal or looking forward for a heavy or light snack or tiffin then just crash in here. A tiffin for two will be around 80 bucks. Give it a shot and you'll feel sumptuous for sure. It is Sri Krisna "K"afe. "Adi wandi Yanai Balam" (the last gulp gives you strength equal to that of an elephant).

Majja Maadi !

Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend log

Started weekend with Bellandur bibs with Juggy, Bhasker and others last Saturday. Was planning another 30K but Bhasker cautioned me for overdoing this run, so I was just contended with 17K loop. My bike was jammed in the mud and had a very slow fall as I was approaching the run site and luckily Bhasker was behind me. They quickly rushed to raise me and the fact that my right leg was jammed and luckily my shoe bore all the brunt. No injury at all thankfully and to God. We waited for the birthday boy Satsang to join and by six we were all set. Some stretches were bad owing to run the previous night but overall the weather was perfect. Went back home and was planning to prepare a south Indian meal. Got some spinach, bhendi and curd. Lunch was set and watched a movie and slept rest of the day as there was power outage as well. Dinner was at Rendezvous, and this worth a visit. Had a veg Lasagna and it was very well prepared I must say. I'll review this place soon.

Sunday was mostly away catching up with Abhay for couple ginger Tea at "Sri Devi Bakery" BTM. The cook had prepared some "Sattoo Paratha" for dinners during lunch time and that was good enough for the night. Watched one more movie and ruined another Sunday.

Watched these two movies, "Dead Man's Shoes" and "There will be blood". They weren't boring and at the same time they were not that great either. Some kind of psychic characters rule both these movies. That's about it for the weekend. Lot of work ahead this week and time to start weekday running.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Without Limits - Movie

Thanks to Chandy for recommending me this movie and he knows my kind of genre correctly. This movie is about the life of Steve Prefontaine and his coach Bill Bowerman, and after watching this movie you'll surely go for a quick three miler.

There are glimpses about the how "Nike" shoe prototypes initially came about before being established as a company.

Catch a trailer here in youtube below:

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bobby Dhaba

(From Right to Left: Damien, Vandy and I outside Boby Dhaba)

Boby Dhaba, sounds very Punjabi. This is the most authentic Punjabi food (only parathas and subzi) that you will find in Bangalore. It is located right adjacent to the Gurudwara in Usloor (very close Ulsoor lake or Trinity circle on MG Road). Once you reach the Gurudwara you'll find a small road leading to a little downhill stretch. Right there you'll find lot of people standing and make no mistake there is no board outside.

You may find the place chock-a-block with people and filled with lot of smoke and dim lighting, but then it is the best. Average waiting will be 20 minutes. So once you go in reserve a seat on your name and oreder immediately, so when you are ready to sit your food is ready as well. I've been here a dozen times now and every time it tasted perfect. The rates are very normal and a heavy lunch/dinner for two would cost around 140 bucks. The first thing that you must order is "Muttha" or the (salt) lassi (buttermilk) or chach. The glass is really very giant and goes well with the meal. See Vandy in trans already in the pic on your right.

Parathas, subzis, dals are there in good number of variety. See the menu pic above for their delicacies. If you are looking for ambiance and plush then you may not savour this but, but this is best paranthas place (I'm told Lalitha's parathas on Commercial street is good as well). It is entirely veg but "Egg Bhurji" is available here. One cup is more than sufficient for two people. Achar, hari mirch (green chili) and "onion and cucumber" salad are natural accompaniments.

Parathans come piled up with yellow butter on top allowed to melt. These paranthas are served very hot and the butter melting is a spectacle to watch. Forget calories, they taste perfect. You must be seeing it on your left. We tried Aloo, methi, mooli and paneer parathas while the side accompaniments were "Baingan bartha", "Dal Makhani" and Curd. Look at the Menu to cater to your tastes. The service is fast and prompt and you can also order if you feel like having more.

Finally, you must try out their "Kheer" here for sure and Vandy got psyched out after she ate the Kheer. May be she felt like "kaikai" of Ramayana who gulped lot more "kheer". After that we (she) decided to walk from MG road to office, yes and we almost did it (7KM).

So next time if you are around MG Road and ready to wait for half an hour and just do not care about diet for a day, then this is the place. Bon Appetite !

Monday, July 21, 2008

O Chennai! , my Chennai !

Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up.
It knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed.
Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up.
It knows that it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve.
It doesn't matter whether you're a lion or a gazelle
when the sun comes up you'd better be running.

(But, unless you're a runner, you won't understand.)

Saturday, where did to go ?
Last weekend I'd been to Chennai to take part in my first ECR (East-Coast-Road) run, which was the 7th edition from Chennai runners. So I took the Lal Bagh Express that starts at 6.30AM from Bangalore and reached by noon to Chennai Central. Small trivia on Lal Bagh Express: Seems like some Union minister, years ago wanted to see his daughter who was studying medicine at CMC Vellore and wanted to reach by 9ish in the morning and the timing till date has remained the same and fortunately there are lot of takers for this service. Even the return starts from Chennai at around 3PM so that he could get back to Bangalore by 6PM. Interesting, ain't it (Thanks Bharath for the info). Let me quickly jump to Sunday as we will consider that Saturday didn't exist at all. Thanks to Shumit for offering me a couch at his place and to Sandy and Arun for rides back and forth. Basically the whole of Saturday was spent in traveling and in Madras Gymkhana.


(The one with my arms stretched : Pic Courtesy: ChennaiRunners.com)

I was up by 3:15AM and just as I buzzed Shumit around quarter to 4, Sandy called up Shumit and said he'd be there in 10 minutes. Dressed up in a jiffy and in no time we were there waiting for them on Taylor's road. The one good thing that I noticed is that the traffic signals working all throughout the day at major junctions and people actually follow. Surprising by any Indian standards and for a person like me who comes from Bangalore it was actually rude (pun). Even the hoardings have gone giving us to view the landscape better. By 4.30 we were there and the place where the run starts was teeming with people with reflector caps, shoes and caps. Lot of activity and some quick announcements were made as we were asked to run within the yellow line (shoulder) facing the traffic. Caught up with some runners from Bangalore (KP Suresh) and Hyderabad (Rajesh Vetcha). Met with KK and others from Chennai Runners. I'll be running the Hyderabad Hi Tech marathon as well (undecided over the distance, but 30KM for sure). Exactly at 5.10AM the 7th ECR run started from the resort for people who were aiming 30KM target distance.

The Chimney and boiler effect

(There I go crawling : Pic Courtesy: ChennaiRunners.com)

As we started to run, we were filing in groups of two each and within five minutes it was beginning to boil. Humidity was just too much. For an alien from Bangalore this was just too much to beat the balls out of me. Just imagine within 15 minutes into run I was drenched, which typically is the case when I do a 15K in Bangalore. Also my dinner didn't digest well and I was burping all throughout and was sure that I'd just puke out. Slowly as I completed 5KMs it was as if all the forces in the universe were colluding against me. It was as if I was put in a mini chimney and I had no place to escape. I generally don't drink till 10KMs and by 7.5KM I had to and tried this energy drink "100 plus". It was more like a sweetened soda and by next couple of sips my dinner was getting churned in. So by 10th KM I was slowly getting rid off the heaviness in my stomach but I was also slowly beginning to lose some pace. Every runner who passed by me had words of encouragement. There was this nasty feeling of wanting to give up. I had done this last time when I was running with Bhasker and Ashok at the Bellandur run and I was sulking in guilt the entire day. It would have been self humiliating if I had taken a detour here.

Fight Balu, fight

Then reminded me of few lines from Biswa's orkut "about me" post, guess must have taken from the movie "Fight Club". (Biswa later corrected me: Simon and Garfunkel's The Boxer)

In the clearing stands the boxer, and a fighter by his trade.
And he carries a reminder of every glove that laid him down...
or cut him till he cried out in his anger and his shame
"I am leaving! I am leaving" but the fighter still remains.

I wasn't going to cut short so I decided I'll make it to the 15KM so that during my return I'll have to anyway go back irrespective of I had to walk or crawl. Now I decided to walk and probably I was the lone runner. From 15-20KMs it was mostly walk and crawl and and occasionally running as I slowly started caving into the heat and wondered if I could always blame it on the nature (Yeah, global warming was not far off. The politician way of thinking).

The Sarvanan factor

Just as I was thinking how I would go about the next 12KM, a runner passed by me and I saw him stretching at the 15KM mark. I caught with him at the 20KM mark where Karthik Vijaykumar and others were cheering us up. I met Saravanan here and I had taken three full hours for 20KMs. Then I filled in my reserves and moved along with Sarvanan and I had nothing to compete against. I must appreciate the support system and the organization from the volunteers. I'll come to it later again.

So Sarvanan and I started at a snail's pace and the sun started to shine hard now. So this was the time I started to talk to Sarvanan almost about everything and mostly about my massive Tamilnadu temple tour that I did along with my parents. Then Sarvanan narrated few things about his experiences with running, weight reduction, family and others. With my Hyderabadi Tamil I must have sounded a language corrupt but we kept pushing each other and our strategy was simple, lets do 4-1. Run for four minutes and walk for a minute and we were building in strength as we started setting pace. Thanks to Arun who was constantly monitoring us and was shadowing us to see if we were doing good. As Sarvanan and I started to set pace we finished the last 10KM in 1 hour and 10 minutes. I was expecting a photo-finish at the finish line but found none there. We had taken 4 hours and 10 minutes to finish this. Surely great camaraderie from Sarvanan and it was humbling for me to run in this run. It was great running with you Saravanan. Do join us at RFL runs whenever you are in Bangalore (also anyone from Chennai runners).

The support structure and the volunteers

I did finish my race and could have been the last person to do so, but it couldn't have been possible without the efforts of volunteers and the support staff. You guys stole the actual thunder. There were water points at 2.5KM all along. Initially was disappointed not see electrals but I guess "100 plus" is a great substitute. The cheers that we runners got at each and every water-stop was all the more encouraging. At some remote stages (esp. 10-15-10KM mark) it was nice to see you guys shadowing us from your vehicles and giving us those words of encouragement (Tiger and co). I felt as a great cyclist who was being monitored by his team manager in "Tour De France", nonetheless I was elated and pushed myself for that bit more. It was about mind playing over the self and I had to beat it. The arrangements were akin to the Auroville Marathon and it was as great as it was. This post is dedicated to you guys, "O Captain! My Captain!".

Also Thanks to many fellow runners for their encouragement as they passed by. I was cursing the humidity and the good weather at Bangalore, but thanks to this Chennai run as it will set things in right perspective to me before I take up my next big race at coastal regions.

Many Firsts
It was my longest ever both in time and distance. 30KM in 4 hours and 10 minutes. Of course my first run with Chennai runners and first ECR run too.

The End
I'd forgotten my bag, as I placed it in some other runner's car. Thanks to Sandy for tracing it out and holding (all the junk in that) onto it for me.

Shumit, it was great staying at your place. The lunch was sumptuous as he hosted me at this place called "Rasam" in Purusvakkam. This is right within the Krishna Sweets restaurant. Veg delicacies from Chettinad and Kungunad (Coimbatore) are their specialty here. Thanks to Aunti for her dosas for the night and listening through my gibberish in the evening.

So August 16th will be my first big hometown run at Hyderabad. But Chennai, I'll be back soon to better my timing in the next ECR run. Chennai beckoning !

"In running, it doesn't matter whether you come in first, in the middle of the pack, or last. You can say 'I have finished.' There is a lot of satisfaction in that."

That summarizes me completely. Until then folks, keep miling !

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Terminator Salvation

Stars Christian Bale, of "3:10 Yuma" and "Prestige" fame. Guess he also is the new Batman as well.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bangalore Rains and Tree uprooting

When it rains, especially cats and dogs here in Bangalore, the trees here get uprooted. Last year it was mayhem at Cunningham Road with quite a many cars taking the butt. As I was biking to my office and just as I entered 5th block I saw few people staring at a house and with curiosity bubbling I just gave a ricochet glance and just about a minute or two ago this huge tree uprooted and fell over this house.

I'm sure no one was injured, but definitely work for the electricity and BSNL folks. Looks I've become a mobile journalist. Here is a time when trees are being felled by the BBMP to widen roads and groups protesting against it, and ironically the nature disentangles these giants from its belly.

(Click on the image for full-scale/larger view)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kamat Yatri Nivas - North Karnataka Meals

So finally we went to Kamat Yatri Nivas in Majestic (Gandhinagar). It is right next to Swapna Book stall or behind National Market or Sukh Sagar. The new and old from the Lunch gang joined to see off (purportedly) Amit. It is on the 4th floor and I've been here around 4-5 times now. Also known as "Jolada" (Jawar) roti meals comes from the part of Northern Karnataka. Jawar is also known as "Jonaa" in Telugu and sorghum in English.

The meal is priced at 90 (normal) and 120 (special). In the special one you get extra sweet, ice cream and mirchi-bajji. You have unlimited quantity of butter milk, Jolada roti, rice, 3 different curries, raitha and list keeps going. "Pai" is another restaurant right near Anand Rao circle that serves this kind of a meal. I'm also told that Kamat "Lokaruchi" on the Mysore road near to Madur/Mandya serves the same and the Kamat Bugglerock near Bull temple (Basavanagudi) serves this. Ragi meal is typically the south canary meal served at New Krishna Bhavan (Sampinge Road) and Kamat Coffee Shop right below the Kamat Yatri Nivas.

Weekday meals are difficult to go by and the time taken to travel to Majestic all the way from office is also a big factor. All in all it is neat place for meal-freaks and first timers who are looking for so called authentic Karnataka food other than the likes of MTR (near Lal Bagh).

I'll be off to Chennai this weekend and will hopefully try to get you Saravana Bhavan at Mylapore and Murugan Idli shop at Besant Nagar (near beach). I'd been to the oldest and original Murugan Idli shop in Madurai couple of months back (hopefully will dig out the pics soon). Of course I go to Mumbai, Amit will probably will have to take me to some local desi stores.

Until then, bon appetit.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Log

Since there had been too many things at my end this weekend, thought I'll put in a bulleted list.

* Friday night got treated by Abhinav at "More than Paranthas" and Biswa's pal Raj coming over for his return to Canada. Abhi now leaves to TAMU for his Masters. Good luck to you pal. The Parathas placed was over priced and not at all worth the visit. I'll follow it up with a separate review.
* Saturday morning at Biswa's office Gym, and my first run on treadmill. Did a 5.3 in 28.3 minutes.
* So we followed it up with salad Lunch at Star Bazaar and Pav Bhaji for dinner
* Watched this movie called "Radio", starring Cuba Gooding Jr and my favourite Ed Haris. Really worth a watch as we caught up with it at Sony Pix while casually browsing channels. Later watched Departed in HBO.
* Sunday I ran for 25.7 Km, my longest ever and gave the RFL fortnight run at Henur a miss. Took me three hours exact and for the route check here:
Click for Route
* Cook didn't turn up for lunch so we pulled him for dinner and had Luchi made.
* House/Apt search on a pause.
* So many old pals coming back to India this August. Asked them to get loads of energy bars and Gatorade stock for coming days. Abhay must have been back to India by now with first stocks.

All in all a quick weekend and all set for my 30K at Chennai. Amit will be unwinding tomorrow after his internship here. Planning to change my travel dates for the Chennai run as I'll have to find my couch elsewhere.

Keep Miling.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Layer Cake - Movie

In my quest to look into movies similar to Lock Stock.. and Snatch, here comes "Layer Cake" starring our new bond Daniel Craig. Typical drugs, gangster-mafia movie. Too many characters in the movie to keep track about, but definitely a neat watch.

Catch up the trailer here at youtube:

Some of the slangs that I've come to terms after watching these movies are Ringo(pulp fiction), Southern Fairies, Blagged (Lock Stock...), Charlie, Junkie, Bollocks (Layer Cake), Geysers (Snatch).

Charlie is an interesting noun. Check it out at the urbandictionary.com.
Okay "Ladies" (Snatch), more updates "laiter" (i mean Later pronounced in the Brit accent)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Chacha - Q & A

Came across this site.


Or looks like they stumbled upon my blog for search related stuff.

Nice concept.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sukh Sagar @ Majestic - Gujarati Thali

There are two Sukh Sagar hotels at Majestic (Bangalore). This one that serves the Gujarati delicacy is right opposite to the Majestic movie theatre. When you are on the State Bank of Mysore road on Majestic, you need to take the left that takes you to Railway station (right takes you to the Bus stand at Majestic). Right on that turn you'll find this Sukh Sagar.

I guess it is on the 2nd floor and Gujarati Thali is their delicacy. Abhay and I were there some time back and the Thali is priced at some 100 odd bucks. The purists will like it and it is a nice place for people who have a very high appetite. Not all that sweet but what more can you expect from a Gujarati meal.

I've kept the Menu pic as well, just in case you wanted to know what all their Thali entails.

Idly Bazaar - Koramangla

Idly Bazaar @ Koramangla is right on the road to SKK (Sri Krishna Cafe). I had been a similar place on Indira Nagar CMH road long long time back. It serves 5-6 different varieties of Idlies at a decent price.

Kunal, Amit and I decided to devour over these Idlis sometime back. You also get some Dosas, Adai Avail (average taste) and others. For the first timers its a nice little place to try at least once. If you've hated Idli, then the camouflaged Idlis here will be a nice try. Heard new varities of Idlis have started at the SKK as well during evening snacks.

Also the special Idli varities are available after 4PM during the day.

(Amit and Kunal in the Pics alongside the Idlis)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekend, running, sports (TV), disappointment

Another fine weekend passed by with sports on TV primarily taking charge. With Hamilton cruising past the chequered flag at the British grand prix while India lost to Lanka in the Asia cup finals. But Wimbledon took the center stage. Rafa was always going to win this grand slam one day and it was this time. Federer fought back but I guess it was the second set that Nadal won when Fedx was leading 4-1. I had to sleep by 11.30PM but my roomies decided to stay on until the last the serve and Rafa finally sailed through. Rafa, you rock man and Federer you are the God.

Saturday started off with a run with Sidd (Biswa's pal) coming over for their Canadian school/roomie reunion. As soon as Sidd checked in I asked if he was game for a run and he was all set. We decided to run at the GKVK primarily it had a trail and also Jagdish was running this Saturday. We started by 5.30AM and by 6AM sharp we there. Core was there warming up and we started off on our usual route before we decided to get lost into the wilderness. Jagdish passed by us couple of times and we ran for an hour and that must be almost 10KM. Sidd slowly started to feel some niggle around his knees. Baker's cyst is what he told me and before it could worse we called it a day. Also the fact that I was planning a 35K with Bhasker and co at Bellandur. For lunch I was contended with dal, raddish, carrot, and soya chunks and some frozen rotis that became papad eventually. The cook skipped the dinner so we went to Maharaja for dinner and also the meals there would serve me right for a perfect carbo-loading.

Sunday started as early as 4.30AM. Reached Bellandur by 6AM and was the first one to reach. Siva Ramasubbu called up saying he would there in 20 minutes and soon Bhasker, Ashok and Sudharshan joined in. The loop was supposed to be 18K, so two loops would have been good to reach 35K. Things went very well until the 12KMs or so and on the final lap of the first loop there was this inclined plan that started to take toll on me and I caved into my minds wishes. Then there was this thought that I should a 30K at least. But then it was a case of mind playing over highly on me asking me not to and some stitches near my tummy forced me to drop out and merely finished with an 18K. Hugely disappointed because I've done 21K with ease. May be I was tired and I'm it was not because of the previous day's run. All in all it was OK but not an elated feeling. I guess Chennai ECR run should be my longest ever. I will have to finish a 30K there before I go to Hyderabad this August for my first ever marathon.

All in all it was a tight, sporty and tiring weekend. Our owner just increased our house rent by 10%. Time to look into other alternatives. More on that later

Friday, July 4, 2008

Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2009

Just got a mail in the RFL mailing list about this. Six months to go !

Link to official Website.

Online registrations are now open.

In Bruges

This movie was recommended to me by my pal Chandy. I must say that it rocks. If you've liked Snatch or Lock Stock Two Smoking Barrels, then this is a must see. Swear words are aplenty and you'll get reminded of Departed or Pulp Fiction.

All those who like Brit accent (Irish especially) then this is the movie to go for. Catch up the teaser below.

Bruges is a city in Belgium and it is pronounced as "broozh". Rest in the movie.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dasavtaram - yes it sucks

I'm not too sure what made KB (K.Balachander) go ga ga over this new Kamal flick. I wasn't too sure what Kamal was trying to do here. Emulate a Rajani in getting a cancer our from his brain through a gun shot. Rajani I guess still does such stuff with panache. Seriously if Kamal and others think this was a great work and I must confess that this movie is a very mediocre attempt with the makeup being very patchy.

I loved Kamal only as a granny and the Christian (guess it was a Keralite role). The Telugu role was good but they just made fun of India's RAW. It was CG (Computer Graphics) everywhere. You name it and there was CG used. Even when a normal slow motion would have a done the job they used a CG. Sucks man, seriously it sucks.

I'll give this movie a 1.2 out of 5. Trying to gain some sympathy by bringing forth of yore differences between Shiva and Vishnu followers. Pathetic effort and all I could see in the whole movie was CG. I guess my juniors at IIIT Hyderabad would do a fantastic job of it. I'm not too sure how Kamal and co burnt so much money.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Think twice before you touch my girl

Just stumbled upon this song from a band called Eve-6. You can look at the lyrics here and their video at: Youtube

"Think Twice"

When all is said and done
And dead does he love you
The way that I do
Breathing in lightning
Tonight's for fighting
I feel the hurt so physical

Think twice before you touch my girl
Come around I'll let you feel the burn
Think twice before you touch my girl
Come around come around no more
Think twice before you touch my girl
Come around I'll let you feel the burn
Think twice before you touch my girl
Come around no more

She spreads her love
She burns me up
I can't let go
I can't get out
I've said enough
Enough by now
I can't let go
I can't get out

Wait till the day you finally see
I've been here waiting patiently
Crossing my fingers and my t's
She cried on my shoulder begging please

Think twice before you touch my girl
Come around I'll let you feel the burn
Think twice before you touch my girl
Come around come around no more
Think twice before you touch my girl
Come around I'll let you feel the burn
Think twice before you touch my girl
Come around no more

She spreads her love
She burns me up
I can't let go
I can't get out
I've said enough
Enough by now
I can't let go
I can't get out

What is it you really want
I'm tired of asking
You're gone I'm wasted

When I showed up and he was there
I tried my best to grin and bear
And took the stairs but didn't stop at the street
And as we speak I'm going down

Cause she spread her love
And burnt me up
I can't let go
I can't get out
I've said enough
Enough by now
I can't let go
I can't get out

Think twice before you touch my girl
Come around I'll let you feel the burn
Think twice before you touch my girl
Come around come around no more
Think twice before you touch my girl
Come around I'll let you feel the burn
Think twice before you touch my girl
Come around no more