Thursday, April 10, 2008

EGL run this morning - 8.4K

It was a very early start today as Biswa and I decided to run at the Embassy Golf Links (EGL) around the Airport perimeter. So we were up by 5AM types and by 6 we were all set and reached EGL by 6.15 and after stretching we took off.

This run was more of a jog and just to get out of the monotonicity of the Wipro Koramangla park circling 700 meters for loops together. The traffic here is also very little and makes up for a decent morning event as long it is before 7AM and sun the was slowly beginning to ascend. We were done 7.05AM and again after quick stretch we were back to Tranquility (our apartment). I think we will have more such runs and probably we will slowly try a 24K soon if we were able to start our run by 5.30AM and I'm sure we will in the coming weeks.

I'll be off to Hyderabad tonight and be right back to Bangalore on Monday. I plan to do Hussain Sagar (10K) loop back to back on Saturday and Sunday. Also it is Tamil new year day on 13th so lots of home food to burn.

May not blog during this time but will update my running stats on weEndure for sure and have to catch up with lots of movies and especially a Telugu movie "Jalsa" with Hyderabadi gang.

Happy Running !

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