Friday, May 30, 2008

Road of Bones

Came to know about this when I was "Log way round". There is more to Road of Bones than to mere Joseph Stalin's misrule. Read more about it at Wiki and is also known as Kolyma highway (M56).

Have two more episodes to finish in "Long way round".

Monty Python - Dead Parrot

Thanks to Sesh's orkut video section.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Anand Chaaya

Damien sent me across this, so just in case you are interested.

Guys, here are a few people who are trying desperately to help about 100 dogs sheltered in AnandChaaya to survive. This organization needs our help in terms of planning and restructuring, both financially and morally. Please do send me your inputs on how you think we can generate funds to bring this organization back on tracks. Please remember that the survival of these animals now depends on how and when we plan to put our strategies in place. To give you an idea of our shelter, please visit our website at

I would consider this as a personal favour.

See if you can do your bit.

There you go running

Finally after snoozing the alarm for about 4 times I was awake by 5.30AM. Thats the very reason I set the alarm at 4.45AM and went to sleep by 11.30PM. By 6.20AM I was out and miling. For a change took the standard route in an anti-clockwise direction and kept running leisurely and by the time I reached NGV from Airport road and Vivek Nagar the traffic was building up and there were these nice pretty looking office going women folk around and that just made me run the last mile much faster. Really faster and in one hour and five minutes I almost touched 11KM.

Good going my man, there you go running.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wake up fatboy

Yes, I missed the run today as well. Blame it on IPL that keeps me awake till midnight and the alarm that is just not aggressive enough to wake me up. With no guilty conscience and motivation to run for an event, I suck. Its time I find myself going tough now as I plan to increase my weekend runs to 20K+ from this week on.

Run fatboy run.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Run Fatboy Run - 9.3K Hussain Sagar loop

Yes, just realized that my weight is still lingering around 84Kgs and its time I did some serious diet restrictions and more consistent runs. To get into sub 80 by next month.

On Saturday finished Hussain Sagar in 55 minutes with some good catch up with the Army folks on the Necklace road. The lake wasn't stinking this time around. Supposedly Sidd had called Biswa with regards to a run at KBR park and I also wanted to do a back to back 5K at least, but just lazed around in the bed.

So time has come for more strenuous workouts and time to focus on the upper body fitness now.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sunfeast 10K Pics

Thanks to Kingfisher and the Sunfeast folks for the free photographs from

More pics at my Picasa. Catch Balu Running

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

11.4KM road running

So after some heavy duty food yesterday and Vandy's banters I was hell bent to run today and after snoozing the alaram at 5.15AM I was up by 6AM and by 6.40AM I was all set and running. Maintained a decent pace and settled down nicely by the time I crossed the NGV. All that I had to do is to keep running for an hour and this time I was able to almost 12 KM close to an hour. Got some toned milk from the shop and kept in the fridge. Luckily had stocked Gatorade and consumed around 200ml and after bath had some new Bran flakes. Tasted pretty decent and off I went cycling to office. Will run a shorter distance (5KM?) tomorrow and will be in Hyderabad this weekend to catch up home and by buddy from Australia.

Keep cycling and running as I have some runs planned up at HYD as well.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunfeast 10K - 60 minutes

So finally done with my Sunfeast Bangalore open 10K. I must say the organizing part was perfect. Collected my bib and goodie bag on Friday and by 7.30AM today morning Biswa and I were off to Kanteerva Stadium loaded with all the energy bars and Gatorade energy drinks. We guessed parking could be a problem, so we decided to take the bike instead of Biswa's car. The volunteers asked us to park at St Joseph's school which was another 2KM back and we finally squeezed our bike near the Hudson circle and left our if-you-want-steal clothes right in the bike. By 8.1) we were about to enter the stadium from gate g-11 and paused by to see the start of the women's world 10K which was teeming up with African runners.

Just as we moved into "non-time-chip" gallery we met Joseph. We had already met him in Auroville marathon and he was Biswa's running buddy for while there. After a quick chat I was just looking around for familiar faces and saw Shumit Vatsal as Biswa disappeared for a leak. Shumit and I had some quick chat and wanted to meet up later in the day only to realize that none of us had mobile phone. He was to come to Koramangla but just that I have his contact number in my office mailbox for which I do not have access from home. Sorry Shumit, next time we will catch up, especially tis time at your place with Chennai runners. Soon it was our time and by 9.02 we crossed by the start line and there were hoards of runners and especially from the defense with their flags. Many were running for charities and many for a cause or as a group. There were too many people and the first 2KM were very slow and Biswa stopped for a while and asked me to go ahead. I just continued and the heat at some stretches was terrible.

The good thing I noticed is people from all walks of life were out there and cheering apart from the arranged cheerleaders. When we were running near the Ulsoor lake, many senior citizens and residents cheered and encouraged many runners and water stops were also amply stationed. Some runners couldn't take heat and we had ambulances rushing and an Airforce helicopter was hovering all throughout. Also CNBC-TV18 was covering the event live and the fastest runner in the Mens event clocked around 27 minutes.

All in all I just finished the clock when it read 10.02AM with couple of seconds. So precisely I manged to finish the race in 60 minutes and 20 seconds. My target of under 60 minutes was always there. I guess I'll slowly prepare for a 50 minute 10K soon but then its time for preparing for long runs with a couple of marathons to compete later this year. Finally met up with Biswa at the certificate counter and then with Joseph. Thanks to Joseph's wife, our another ritualistic picture was taken and I'll put that across once he mails me up. Sunfeast folks seem to be giving away their biscuits about everywhere and this time it was at the refreshment counter. But I'll give thumbs up for their event management, good one Procam.

Until next time, catch us running.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Ring Road - part of EGl - 8K

I guess after snoozing the alarm from 5.15AM to 5.30AM finally Biswa buzzed me at 5.45AM and we decided to an 8K. By 6.40AM we started to jog and as we entered the ring road picked up decent pace and entered into EGL and after 1.2K took a U-turn back to home. This was just to keep the body fit kind of a run and tone it for the Sunday's 9AM run.

By 7.30AM we were back home and we might go today to pick up our bib and goodie bag from Kanteerva stadium. I might do a 3K plus cycling or will just stick to cycling. Looks like RFL guys are coming up with some Nike dry fit Tess tomorrow at their pasta party (carbo loading) at Bristo near Brigade road. Will be checking that out as well. Until then, keep miling and good luck and injury free run for all the Sunfeast participants running Sunday.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The one billion+ cannon-fodder (from rediff)

Came across this nice article in the Rediff today.

Read More

Jaw Locking while Yawning

Oh ! A terrible thing happened yesterday when I was having a coffee talk with my colleagues. I yawned for a second and immediately during this process my throat got choked and my jaws got misaligned and it was pain for 4-5 seconds and immediately got myself disentangled. It was scary. I then did a quick google search and found that it was a common problem and had to do something with the dental stuff. Soon called my ever reliable dental doctor Kalli (aka Dental Kalyan) and he explained me the whole thing and nothing to panic. Since this was the first time it had happened he asked me to be just cautious while yawning,like I don't open my mouth very wide and support my chin with hands while having a big yawn.

I guess it has to do with a ball that is near the brain which is supported by muscles. If these muscles are overstretched (which happens during yawning) they tend to mess the jaws and thereby choking. It was nice learning experience and any of you experience such thing just don't panic. My doctor friend also suggested some jaws related training stretches and asked me to chew gum occasionally. That was quite an experience.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Random runnning - 10K

So finally I was out on roads after I dismissed the alarm at 5.15AM and the guilt woke me up by 5.45AM and by 6.35AM I was on the roads miling. Absolutely no idea on the route but the plan was to run a minimum of one hour, that means around 10KM. The preparation for the Sunfeast 10K run has been good so far but the bad part is that they are going to start the open 10K at 9AM and I'm sure the sun will begin to shine hard.

Today's run was good as I clocked the first 2KMs with a very god pace and eventually settled to my 10KMPH pace. I believe 5.30AM is the right time to run and by 6.30-7 I must wind it up. As soon as I was nearing the Victoria road I took the right towards Airport and was facing the traffic most of the times. As I approched Domlur I checked the time and it was 7.20AM and I had 15 minutes to finish the Intermediate ring road and as I was about to windup I saw Nischal Pai with her black shades running towards Domlur on the uneven trail on the footpath. Just exchanged a smile and hi and I carried on and it was just 3 minutes more than an hour and I had covered 10.3KM now and decided to walk till home. But the open ground was more tempting so I decided to jog the rest of the 200 meters. As soon as I crashed in I was feeling very thirsty and the Gatorade preserved for the Sunfeast 10K had to be sacrificed.

Click for the route.

May cycle tomorrow or will do a quick 3-4K just to feel good and on Friday might do a 11K with Biswa. Also, got my acceptance letter from the Procam guys and now I need to collect the bib and goodie bag. Probably will wait for Biswa's letter and then we'll go together to get it. So training is on track and hope to crack the 10K within an hour. I guess I've now gradually migrated running 10Ks on alternate days.

Keep miling !

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

KV morning prayer

This is a typical morning KV (Kendriya Vidyalaya - Central School) prayer.

KV rocks ! Thanks to Vandy for passing this clip.

Caved in to sleep

As usual was awake by 4.45 so that I could do a 10K, but somehow I caved in to my body's wishes. Slept till 7.20AM and was in no mood to run. Guess this makes me more determined to do a 10K tomorrow for sure, I might as well do a long cycling today evening if things permit.

Time for upper body workout from today.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

KBR Park - 10K

Sidd sent me message about a run by Hyderabad Runners at KBR park today. I called up Sidd yesterday and seemed like he had other commitments but he suggested that I go ahead with the run as there would be lot of "Janta". There was a mail by Gopi from Hyderabad Runners asking us to join him by 5.45AM.

As usual my day started at 4.45AM and by 5.50AM I was there at the main entrance of the KBR park and I'd never run there before. I didn't see any one who looked like a runner but one person near the parking looked like one and asked him if he was "Hyderabad Runners". He was Ravi and soon as our conversations began it turned out that he was Sidd's former colleague and friend from the NGO Asha Kiran. Man no one else came and by 6AM we started and and the loop was 5.1KM. I guess RFL at Bangalore is much more active in their unorganized runs and more crowd. It was mostly hard trail with a good mixture of up and down hill. The entry inside is paid. Ravi tells me that he comes across a celebrity every time he runs in here and today we ran into Satyam's Ramlinga Raju. After one loop Ravi called it off and preferred to walk while I ran to finish one more round.

As I was winding up after 10K in 1 hour 10 minutes Ravi joined me with Gopi and his mate from Hyderabad Runners. It was a quick "hi and hello" and looked like they started off at 5.30AM. I was in need of some water and Ravi offered me and he too took off on his cycle as he had to bike till Begumpet. By 7.20AM I was home and it was very quick run. Nice place to run next time again in HYD. Off to Bangalore tonight.

Until then, happy running.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Documentary on Cycling in India - NDTV

NDTV 24X7 had a wonderful documentary on cycling initiative in India.

Not sure if this is the active link. See here for the video in their website.

Its titled "A Convenient Truth". Search for it in in the videos section.

Hussain Sagar - 9K

The day began at Hyderabad today at 5AM and by 5.45AM dad dropped me to Tankbund and parked his car aside to take a walk. The run started at 6.15AM and after some quick stretching zoom I went. Today it stinked a lot and the lake was in terrible state. Soon I crossed the Viceroy hotel and I went into Necklace road. As soon as I reached the Deccan continental turn cops stopped me and they had erected some barricades. One of the traffic constables told that the road was closed and that I need to go back. I was disappointed and asked if I could talk to the inspector. Then I went towards the inspector I told him that I run here most of the times. The inspector was cool and in a typical Hyderabadi tone told me "Ajja udhar bhag lo" (Run there today). I told him I do this loop every time but it looked like he was pleading me. For a second he was tempted but he then told that there is a constable recruitment going and there was a 5K run for them and I told that I'll be faster than your constables. He then "Senior officers hai babu.. meruko gaali dete" (There are senior cops out there and I'll be abused if you go now). I guess he was more than courteous. That's why I like Hyderabad man. They just convince me every time.

Then I ran back towards Tankbund and did one more loop. It was 55 minutes already and I'm sure with today's pace I must have done a 9K and then I decided to halt for some stretching. The thoroughly not satisfied, I'll try to a full loop tomorrow as early as 5.30AM even if they decide to close the Necklace road.

Until then, Keep running.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

EGL - Intermediate Ring Road - 10K

Biswa wanted to do this on Friday, but since I'll be away we decided to do this today. As usual I woke up before the alarm went off and after snoozing I was up by 5.15AM and we started the run by 5.55AM from the Intermediate ring road from Koramangla and started to run towards EGL. The EGL one way towards Airport wall is 4.2K and in an hour and 15 minutes we jogged leisurely back to the ring road and started to walk back after finishing 10K.

A nice quick start and have many more runs lined up this week. Till then, keep running.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Car Free Day - TV9 Kannada coverage

After having found myself in the newspaper, here I'm on TV just for a second in few frames. Had to do some googling to find this video. Guess, the TV9 folks were also covering the RFL runs yesterday at Cubbon as well.

You can see me with my Pink helmet in the above video at seconds 31-32-33.

Why Pink ?

Got this from Kiruba's blog.

Thats why I wear a Pink helmet.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

RFL - Fortnight runs and the Cooking oil

Another earl morning. This time I manged to bike (cycle) till Kanteerva stadium and my day began at 4.45AM and I was on my way out by 5.20AM from home and guess must have reached stadium before 6 and soon I was joined by another cyclist Manjunath. Just as I went in to handover my shades and stuff at the bag counter coach asked me to quickly go for a jog before stretching. The stretches were good as usual and soon we were at the Cubbon gate. The idea of doing 10K in 45 minutes was lingering and the run was pretty neat this time. I was anyway not thinking beyond 10K as I had to cycle good 10K back home.

The runs where quick and by the time I realized it was 41 minutes for my 7.5K and the only other hope was to finish it before an hour and I finished 10K in 58 minutes. Not many running partners this time. Went back to Kanteerva by 8AM and the cool down stretches on Nike mats were real good. It was real fun. Then I slowly decided to move as the Nike club runs for this Saturday was put off due to section 144 (elections round the corner here in Karnataka). Then I slowly cycled back and stopped by Jantha Tea stall for a short while (the Tea today was Okayish) and was home by 9AM.

Had some corn flakes, oats and Museli as quick breakfast and slept for an hour or so when the flat security woke me up for some election ID card stuff. Then decided to cook lunch my self. Aloo curry, Lauki ka Dal (kutu in Tamil), yesterday's Tofu and some Dahi to top it up. Another bell and this time it was the new maid (we fired our old maid). Then as I was cutting the lauki (bottle gourd) the gas was over. Soon Abhi and I rushed to the gas outlet but he had no vehicle to deliver. Then Abhi took the gas delivery boy in his Pulsar to home and got it refilled with a new one. Then only could I finish my cooking.

Nice lunch for a single person and then I read a very nice article in "The Magazine" section of The Hindu about which cooking oil to use.

Read more here: Link

Now downloading "Long Way round" and back to office from tomorrow.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Running and Cycling

After Madurai food and weather I wanted to hit running desperately and on 2nd May woke up as early as 5AM and by 5.45AM I was out on the roads and I decided that I'll be running on the road instead of the park. b 5.55AM I was off and was up and running and Sony World junction was the only one where I stopped for a second or two. Met one fellow runner passing b who returned my smile and others where hostile as usual. Passed through NGV complex, then into Vivek Nagar and then onto Victoria road. Saw a pretty woman running ahead donning a typical gym wear but she then stopped and I had to continue. Reached my old office ( and then took a left towards the Hosur road.

Guess it was just half an hour and around 6.5KMs and I continued sometimes on nice pavements and a cyclist was keeping me going as I found an amazing partner in him. In fact I overtook him near Audogidi and then went into JNC road and then finally crossed Maharaja as I see so many pretty office going faces while I was all drenched in swaet. Just ahead I saw my mom and dad walking and soon sprinted towards them. They were searching for the Wipro park and ended by walking in the by lanes. This was May 2nd and here is the route. Overall around 12KM in an hour and 10 minutes. More details at my WeEndure page for this date.

On May 3rd I switched over to cycling (biking) as part of my cross training. Randomly picked up a route and cycled for more than an hour and it was a smooth affair and no pain. Cycled for almost 21KM this time again.

My cycling route in here

Have my RFL fortnightly runs tomorrow at Cubbon. So need to be up early again. My parents just left back for Hyderabad and the Cab guy didn't turn up and we had to rush in two autos and to top it up I came back in BMTC bus just to save some money from the fleecing auto drivers and to promote public transport. Well thats about it. I somehow have an uncanny feeling that I might just break the 10K in 45 minutes barrier tomorrow. Keeping fingers crossed !

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Back to Bangalore

Just back today morning from Madurai. Man, it was terrible heat in there. My parents in Bangalore till Saturday, so my next major run will be this Sunday at Cubbon.

Had a nice time otherwise and had some soft Idlis at "Murugan Idli Shop" in Madurai at their original location. May run 5-6KM tomorrow just to feel good. Bangalore heat is better on the whole.