Friday, July 23, 2010

How to Track Posts in India

After having tracked so many of my letters here are various ways of tracking your posts in India if it is being carried out by India Post. This how I gathered information over years.

Registered Post International
All international mails to and from India can be traced here
IPS Web Tracking:

Most of the international items coming to India by post (not Courier) have to pass through customs check at Mumbai. Only after the Mumbai office clears the item they will directed to the domestic location. If you see your item has been stuck at Mumbai customs you can call them and check:

If the item cost is more than $100 (excluding mail charges) you could attract customs duty.

Mumbai customs post office customer care: (022) 22611791

Mumbai Customs Ref:

If they loose your document you are entitled for compensation (details in the above link)

Registered Post - Domestic
Domestic Registered posts cannot be tracked. Wait for at least 2-3 weeks before you call up your local post office.

For Chennai you can try this number for Registered post related: (044) 22560233

Speed Post - Domestic
Yes. Can be tracked. Check the below link and enter your tracking number there.

If it has been delayed by more than 3 days call up or email their helplines for the respective cities. Trust me they'll help and will also reply to your email.
Click on this link for more information

Normal Post - International and National
No Way ! Just call up or visit your nearest local post office.

There is a post office call center as well in Hyderabad (for letters to and from Hyderabad). You can call them convey your issue: (040) 23463807

You need to have patience. Pincodes are very important. The letters will come for sure. It might take almost a month sometimes but it would surely come. Unfortunately there is no one-point access for all these information. Purely based on my experience.

Hope this helps. Happy snail mailing.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kolam - Sem Manu kollam

Here is Ani's Sem Manu (Red brick) Kolam (Rangoli) with red borders. The Aadi month has started and to start with this rangoli.

Personal life just keeping us tooooooooo busy !