Friday, April 4, 2008

New Cycling Helmet

Well then, the Cycling Helmet is also in. Now a water bottle stand is missing and proper cycling gear like Tee Shirt and Shorts.

This one costs around 300 and it just plastic-kind material on the top and thermacoal from inside. First I tried from the Helmet shops in JC Road but looks like these are available in sports shops. So I headed the next day towards Langford Road intersection with Hosur Road, pretty close to my office. It looked more for the style and less of a safety to me.

But one thing is for sure is that fellow motorists and cars give me more respect just by seeing the attire and helmet is a quick eye-catcher. As along I can keep away the big petrol/diesel away biking to office daily would be an activity to cherish for weeks to come. Long weekend coming and I'll be in station and hoping to cycle for an hour or two as I've some running activities lined up.

Will be back with more news after the long weekend. Happy Enduring weekend ahead !

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KV said...

pink helmet? WTH? ;)