Monday, April 21, 2008

RFL fortnight run - 15 K

It was a new route to me and it started with warm up sessions from a coach and his team at 6.10AM at Kanteerba stadium. RFL has combined till 14th May, Nike club runs and fortnight runs. The warm up sessions were quick, fun and some were really new to me. Looked the like the coach was impressed by the way I was performing my stretching and pointed others to look at me as example. Wow !

Then we all moved towards Cubbon park entrance as the park is closed to traffic only till 8AM and the water and electrol support were to be available till 8AM only (though they managed to support until the last runner finished even beyond 8AM). The loop was a 2.5K one and somewhere back in the mind was 20K but this time with not many familiar faces around I had to go solo. Around the 4th round I was joined by "Ashwin" (guess??) who was sporting an Atkins running Tee and we had a nice chat but I was dropping some pace and we ran together for around 2KMs and then I was joined by another female who was actually galloping at a very nice pace. I just wanted a running a partner so that I could continue and after 1KM she stopped and I continued. Next I was joined by Bhaskar and we had a very nice chat and were pushing very nicely for more than 3-4KM but then I decided to go slow and after finishing 6 rounds I decided to stop and the traffic started to come in as well. All in all it was a very nice run with some stretching mats provided as well.

There was a parallel run on the occasion of world health day with lot many school kids taking part at the Kanteerba stadium. Later in the day I was having pains very similar to what I had when I was in Auroville for a half marathon. Not sure if the new stretching had any effect but I'm giving myself off for 2-3 days from cycling and running just for the muscles to recover so that I can continue with injury free running.

My roomie and I went to South Indies for a breakfast (brunch?) buffet at Indira Nagar and dashed on to bed. The pleasured pain was setting in. Later watched a comedy "Run fatboy Run" to top it up.

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