Monday, August 12, 2013

The Mottai Boss

Last Sunday Aadu gave his hair offerings at our family temple, in Paingandu (near Manargudi).

We were expecting a little resistance but he did not move an inch. He was already prepared by his patti so in fact he actually expecting and was waiting for it to happen.

Since it was a long weekend we left for Trichy (My granny's hometown) on Friday noon and checked into Hotel Sangam. Pretty good place and some good deals from Agoda. We just lazed that evening and shopped some at the nearby Max store. Then we ate "Vattakoimba" Rice with "Potato" for the night and it was a refreshing change (do try this at Hotel Sangam).

Next day (saturday) we had our breakfast (Pongal and Vada in Tamil Nadu is the best ever) and left for Rock Fort Ganesha and Srirangam. While Rockfort we had darshan at the base for Srirangam it was too crowded so we just went around the temple and had Tiger-Rice (Pulli-Sadam) and Shakara Rice Pongal. Then we headed for Kumbakonam. Its around 2 hours from trichy. We hired a taxi from Jovil Travels, I guess they are the only ones in the Trichy airport and we decided to take their services.

We soon checked into Quality Inn Viha by 3.30PM. This Hotel was a little more newer and the staff was wishing us Good Evening some several times. I guess they wanted to make sure we get the best of their hospitality. There were some welcome cookies when we checked-in. We took some break and went in for shopping at Kumbakonam.

Our quest for Mami-Mess (eatery) was short-lived. Many either did not have an idea about it or were not sure were it has been moved. We then just had some tiffins.

Next day morning after a wonderful breakfast spread at Viha we left for Manargudi.
This stretch of road is more scenic and then finally into Tulsaindrapuram Dharmashastha temple. Our family temple. All the arrangements were already made.

The Mottai Boss was very cool. Until next time....

Adios !