Saturday, June 6, 2015

Gujarat, Mahabs, and Ani the Runner

So 2015 has started on a running note. In short the first level of weight-loss targets have been achieved.

I was in Gandhinagar, Gujarat in early Jan for a workshop. Its a great place and I enjoyed my stay there. Swati Tiffins in Ahmedabad is the best place to have traditional Gujarati snacks. Its near Lowe Garden.

 At Petroleum Institute, Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat.
Lazing around Sabarmati River.

Visited Sabarmati Ashram, Akshardham (Evening Lazer show is worth it), and some shopping.


So another beach town this time. Aadu's vacation had just started and the summer was setting in and we wanted to go a beach resort. Since Pondicherry was done last year, and west coast was not that inviting, we decided to head outskirts of Chennai and Mahabalipuram turned out to be a great choice.

 Outside, Madras Crocodile Bank.

We stayed at the MGM beach resorts. Aadu and Ani enjoyed themselves. Went to crocodile park, Arjuna's Penance and Dakshin Chitra. It was very hot but we still enjoyed it. The drive was easier and we took a bypass road to East Coast Road from Sriperumbatur. It was a breeze to drive from Bangalore and that too with google maps enabled, finding directions weren't an issue.

Ani - the new running kid on the block

So finally after five years of marriage Ani got hooked into running. She upgraded to Pegasus 31.

Its a breeze according to her. Even I tried the Pegasus 31 it was super smooth. Since I've Vomero 9 going strong I'll wait for some more time. I also tried on the new Vomero 10 but found it a tad heavy.

Bangalore Trips

Pics from Xiaomi - Redmi 2 !

Otherwise, its half way down the year and things are pretty cool on the running front. More as we progress !!

Until then, Keep Running !