Monday, January 25, 2010

Taking plunge into politics ?

Just back from a small sojourn from the Telangana region. I was there at Siddipet and Yadgiri Gutta (Telangana heart bed) last weekend.

Telangana surely looks like a serious event this time with scores and scores of prople joining the movement. Number registrations of vehilces bearing AP registration have been morphed either voluntarily or through force to "TG" - for Telangana. All the boards having "Andhra" word have been defaced to "Telangana".

Check the vehicle number above (Vehicle number smudged for privacy reasons) !

The heat is on and also the summer is slowly setting in.

Then had a quick darshan of lakshmi Narsimha swamy at Yadgiri Gutta, 3rd year in a row.

Politics and me, well NO-NO !!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In love with Basavangudi

Pic Courtesy: Flickr

No place in Bangalore must have impressed me as Basvangudi did.

I've been a big fan of Jayanagar but I'm just mesmerized by Basavangudi as it dates me back in time with my cherished childhood at Hyderabad. Koramangla and Indiranagar were the only two locations that I had spent most of my dwelling time in Bangalore.

Dodge that, said Basvangudi ! These days I've been spending so much time in and around Basvangudi and have become a temple hopper these days. Basavangudi reminds me of this typical neighbourhood teeming with normal people more on two wheelers or the Nataraja service (I mean walkers). So many bylanes, so many small shops (Kirana style), flower shops, hawkers, parks .... oh man ! I'm in love. Just can't beat it.

DVG Road
This is like "Sultan Bazaar" of Hyderabad. You name it, you'll find. I love spending lot of time just taking a stroll on this road. Just love this place.

Srinivasa Brahmin Bakery @DVG:
This is the typical "Iyengar Bakery" style. My top picks here are
Pallaya Bun
KBC - Kharra Bun Butter Congress
(Congress here colloquially refers to split groundnuts)
Apple Cake - made out of Ragi balls
Nippat (Uppittu-Nippatu is a great combination they say)

Vinayaka benne gulkand @ DVG:
This is my favourite.
Gulkand - made out of rose petal with sugar syrup served with cut bananas and butter
Dal Bhel
Congress Bhel
Bele - local bhel poori version


This road recently bore the brunt of Vishnuvardhan fans' ire.

Gandhi Bazaar
Who doesn't know Gandhi Bazar. This is just perpendicular to DVG road. Its like the market area.

Vidhyarthi Bhavan
I'd been to Vidhyarti Bhavan several times for their Masala dosa.

Subbama Stores:
This is the place to get "holige" (sweet roti). Of course scores of other hot items

South End circle:
I just like this place and the stretch that leads towards Jayanagar.

So many circles surround this place,

Natkallapa Circle,
Aurmugham Circle,
Prof. Madha Rao Circle,
Home School Circle,
Sajjan Rao Circle,
Nagsandhra Circle.......... and the list goes on....

With inputs from Anisha

Friday, January 15, 2010

Hope For Flowers - Ananya Trust

I've been involved with Ananya Trust for more than a year now. Please do buy tickets for the show to raise funds.

- AB

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