Thursday, April 24, 2008

Car Free Day - April 27th Bangalore (GoCycle)

Just came across this blurb in the "The Hindu" Magazine section yesterday.

Check out the "GoCycle" website.

Since I might have "Nandi Hills" run I'm not sure if I can make it. Starts at 8AM on April 27th from couple of locations in Bangalore. Let me see. A very nice initiative to urge people to use cycling as an alternate mode of transport. We need to learn from China at least.


Digithought said...

Good one. India should adopt such measures in all cities, considering that we have a nation where cycle riding is the most common...i would love to cycle the whole day as a bangalore trip....i miss my darling( cycle) back home..... :)

Some quick info on bicycle stats in india: ( from )

The Peopleís Republic of China produces 55-60percent of the worldís bicycles. India produces 11 percent. 86 percent of the bicycles sold in the US are imports from China.

The sales of bicycles from Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bulgaria and India in the UK exceeded one third of the total European import.
India reported a 60 percent gain in cycle exports in 2002.

Check out the following link too:

And this one is marvellous

Pulkit said...

Dude, change of plan. Now that I realize this event concerns the environment (Initially, I had thought it was some biking competition), I am in. May not be able to bike for long though. Lemme know if you are gonna make it.