Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sunfeast World 10K in Bangalore

Sunfeast World 10K in Bangalore, May 25, 2008.

Registration now open online:

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I just registered for the open 10K event.


Sandy - Rat Race Runner said...

Hi Balu,

Nice blog.

Im only 33 btw. So dont worry you will be running a lot more than half of what I run at my age. LOL.

Keep running. Checked out your weendure thing. Looking good.

Balu said...

Surely Sandy, Will keep in touch through blogs and you never know I might join you guys for a run as well very soon.

Keep running.

Ishwar said...

Hey, congrats on registering. The date seems to have been revised to 18th May. Saw the announcement on

Balu said...

Thanks Ishwar, the official website says it will be in June 1st instead owing to elections.