Monday, March 24, 2008

The Day After the Marathon

Just stumbled upon this link from fellow runners blog. Really funny.


KV said...

That was funny! Pondicherry experience similar for you?

Balu said...

Yes, Pondi was even more fateful.... luckily my roomie's sister provided us with some medication, else it felt that there was more than two worlds between my legs :-))

prakash murthy said...



That was me for a week after bravely (foolishly) walking down and up the Grand Canyon a few years ago. At that time I had no appreciation of the physical fitness best practices, and wasn't aware of stretching.

Just wanted to tick off "Hiking down the Canyon" off my list of things to do; so started down the canyon one morning at around 10:30 AM - had a easy time going down the 3.5 odd miles to the base of the canyon, getting rewarded by a wonderful view of the Colorado river at the base. The way back up was anything but a piece of a cake! It took me almost seven hours to walk up the 3.5 miles - towards the end I was sitting down more than I was walking.

Was extremely relieved to have got out of the canyon. Thanks to not stretching or not being in a good physical shape, I was walking funny for week afterwards.

Stretching is good! Good that you stretch as much as you work out!