Monday, March 31, 2008

Bums on Paddle

Okay, the title is a rip-off of from the famous cycling group "Bums on Saddle".

The Hero Octane has given me more love than my current Bajaj pulsar. Read more about my bike/cycle here.

It all started some good six months back when Pulkit (refer blogs that I read) bought his cycle and I was very impressed with his initiative. "Bike to Work" is a very common thing across the States and in India, especially in Bangalore its slowly up.

After I went to Eijipura and started to see the cycles (I was originally looking for Hero Thunder MTB) in a shop there I was tempted for a non-geared version. But then I casually asked for Hero Octane and the shop guy in fact asked me to take test ride as well. Man it was the lightest I've ever ridden (Aluminum body) and the Shimono 21 gears (7*3) makes it the first geared cycle that I've ridden. The price was negotiated to 5K and another 100 bucks for lock, additional reflectors and bell. Went back home as Mom had asked to pickup the cycle between 4-5PM as it was saturday. My roommate Ritesh soon dropped me on his bike to the shop before we stopped over for a pomegranate juice in the evening. He gave a quick ride as well and asked him to fit some extra reflectors.

Soon I went to Pulkit's place which was pretty nearby and his wife and Pulkit both vouched for the cycle and its light weight. Then I dashed to the nearest Ganesh temple close to my place and did the necessary pooja from the priest and Man didn't it look bejeweled decked with all those flowers.

The Sunday morning was worth the wait and I rode it till Indira Nagar to my granny's place and had my usual coffee which my Aunt prepares. Then rode back to home and was all glued up to prepare lunch myself. Did some stretching in order to avoid any niggle or pain and had a good sleep around 2PM. It rained briefly and I was planning to go to BTM now to catch up with some friends. Went to Vandy's (Pic and location courtesy) place and had a brief photo shoot with my cycle there with her mobile camera. After persistent calling Abhay took the call and we met at the "Sri Devi" chai shop where we have our regular ginger tea. Then he certified the cycle and explained me the nuances of the gear system.

The ride back home was getting PITA (Pain in the ass). My only connection to reality was the seat and everything else had numbed out.

So here I'm guys with swimming being the next target in weeks to come !

Happy Cycling and Running.

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