Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hussain Sagar loop again

Today's Hussain Sagar loop was fantastic. Did it at an amazing pace (by my standards) and the only break that I took was when I had a chance meeting with Sid (Biswa's pal and Roomie in Canada). He was all drenched in colors and he was there with his Asha group all sporting Hyderabad 10K run Tees. Then I just moved on when with a quick sip of Gatorade and met another runner enroute who picked up pace with me from Eat Street (or I dropped pace considerably) and touched Tankbund again within no time. Was tempted for a second round to make it 20K but I guess some other time as 10K was a neat for today.

I'm scared to run on roads in Bangalore but Hyderabad rocks. Been long since I ran in Indira Park as well. I'll soon write a post on how manage without getting injured as I feel many starters getting injured for no reasons and feeling paranoid that they are nursing some real big injury.

Nice loop anyway now and time to hit the streets for Holi before I start my sleeping and movie sessions. Go tiger Go !

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