Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Simple Diet

If you are looking to loose weight just by running and by working out in gyms then it ain't easy my friend. I guess diet is very essential. SUGAR and SALT are the two main evils. I guess we've accumulated tons of them right from childhood and guess its time we burn them. When you are working out you tend to eat a lot (mostly unaware) and when you stop working out your intake is still the same and you tend to put on. Universally known funda. I guess you need to take the contrary approach. Follow a strict diet and make sure you add in a lot of FRUITS and SALADS when you eat and compensate for the RICE. Rice is strictly a NO-NO during dinner and avoid coconuts and peanuts especially in the form of chutneys when you are having those idlis and vadas and dosas.

When you are tempted, drink water else get some dried corn flakes and start munching it instead try a burger, pizza or creamy biscuits. Try to add more fiber in your diet. Sprouts make a good breakfast and toned milk is much better.

The whole point that I'm trying to drive is, you should have a clean bowl movement. Many of us don't realise this, especially after the shift towards the western toilets. So add lot of fiber, have broken wheat (daliya) as part of your diet. Once in a week you can go for binge but make sure you workout regularly focusing on all your body parts and nothing better than swimming. It will squeeze you out.

Don't be over conscious as well. If you've eaten a heavy breakfast inadvertently then balance your dinner. Avoid sugar in Tea/Coffee/Bournvita and use sugar-free instead. Also reduce the salt content in your diet and yes olive oil is recommended. Try to have at least three meals and avoid not skipping them. I cannot comment much on non-vegeterian (with meat), but make sure you avoid red meat and have it grilled (tandoor/tikka types).

Run, and keep running. Lets walk the earth.

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