Thursday, March 27, 2008

Excess Leaves

This is an irony and the fact that now I'm left with around 16 leaves and furthermore that I've use it before May 20th (when my contract with HP Labs expires). Unfortunately for contractors, neither can I encash those leaves or can I carry forward to the next year just in case my contract gets extended my another year.

16 days is insanely high amount and that too at this time of the year when my pals outside India will dash in only after May. With summer setting in, I've given a break to trekking momentarily. Let me see if I can finish the project deadlines in a fortnight then I might take a long break.

There have been some calls from "Chennai Runners" to catch them up for a run over a weekend and I'll have to plan up some activity with them as well and there is a long pending bike trip for the "ugadi" long weekend with the "Anand" pals.

Surely I might end up wasting leaves.

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KV said...

This is sucks man! ;)