Saturday, May 3, 2008

Running and Cycling

After Madurai food and weather I wanted to hit running desperately and on 2nd May woke up as early as 5AM and by 5.45AM I was out on the roads and I decided that I'll be running on the road instead of the park. b 5.55AM I was off and was up and running and Sony World junction was the only one where I stopped for a second or two. Met one fellow runner passing b who returned my smile and others where hostile as usual. Passed through NGV complex, then into Vivek Nagar and then onto Victoria road. Saw a pretty woman running ahead donning a typical gym wear but she then stopped and I had to continue. Reached my old office ( and then took a left towards the Hosur road.

Guess it was just half an hour and around 6.5KMs and I continued sometimes on nice pavements and a cyclist was keeping me going as I found an amazing partner in him. In fact I overtook him near Audogidi and then went into JNC road and then finally crossed Maharaja as I see so many pretty office going faces while I was all drenched in swaet. Just ahead I saw my mom and dad walking and soon sprinted towards them. They were searching for the Wipro park and ended by walking in the by lanes. This was May 2nd and here is the route. Overall around 12KM in an hour and 10 minutes. More details at my WeEndure page for this date.

On May 3rd I switched over to cycling (biking) as part of my cross training. Randomly picked up a route and cycled for more than an hour and it was a smooth affair and no pain. Cycled for almost 21KM this time again.

My cycling route in here

Have my RFL fortnightly runs tomorrow at Cubbon. So need to be up early again. My parents just left back for Hyderabad and the Cab guy didn't turn up and we had to rush in two autos and to top it up I came back in BMTC bus just to save some money from the fleecing auto drivers and to promote public transport. Well thats about it. I somehow have an uncanny feeling that I might just break the 10K in 45 minutes barrier tomorrow. Keeping fingers crossed !

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