Friday, May 9, 2008

Hussain Sagar - 9K

The day began at Hyderabad today at 5AM and by 5.45AM dad dropped me to Tankbund and parked his car aside to take a walk. The run started at 6.15AM and after some quick stretching zoom I went. Today it stinked a lot and the lake was in terrible state. Soon I crossed the Viceroy hotel and I went into Necklace road. As soon as I reached the Deccan continental turn cops stopped me and they had erected some barricades. One of the traffic constables told that the road was closed and that I need to go back. I was disappointed and asked if I could talk to the inspector. Then I went towards the inspector I told him that I run here most of the times. The inspector was cool and in a typical Hyderabadi tone told me "Ajja udhar bhag lo" (Run there today). I told him I do this loop every time but it looked like he was pleading me. For a second he was tempted but he then told that there is a constable recruitment going and there was a 5K run for them and I told that I'll be faster than your constables. He then "Senior officers hai babu.. meruko gaali dete" (There are senior cops out there and I'll be abused if you go now). I guess he was more than courteous. That's why I like Hyderabad man. They just convince me every time.

Then I ran back towards Tankbund and did one more loop. It was 55 minutes already and I'm sure with today's pace I must have done a 9K and then I decided to halt for some stretching. The thoroughly not satisfied, I'll try to a full loop tomorrow as early as 5.30AM even if they decide to close the Necklace road.

Until then, Keep running.

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