Friday, May 16, 2008

Ring Road - part of EGl - 8K

I guess after snoozing the alarm from 5.15AM to 5.30AM finally Biswa buzzed me at 5.45AM and we decided to an 8K. By 6.40AM we started to jog and as we entered the ring road picked up decent pace and entered into EGL and after 1.2K took a U-turn back to home. This was just to keep the body fit kind of a run and tone it for the Sunday's 9AM run.

By 7.30AM we were back home and we might go today to pick up our bib and goodie bag from Kanteerva stadium. I might do a 3K plus cycling or will just stick to cycling. Looks like RFL guys are coming up with some Nike dry fit Tess tomorrow at their pasta party (carbo loading) at Bristo near Brigade road. Will be checking that out as well. Until then, keep miling and good luck and injury free run for all the Sunfeast participants running Sunday.

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