Wednesday, May 21, 2008

11.4KM road running

So after some heavy duty food yesterday and Vandy's banters I was hell bent to run today and after snoozing the alaram at 5.15AM I was up by 6AM and by 6.40AM I was all set and running. Maintained a decent pace and settled down nicely by the time I crossed the NGV. All that I had to do is to keep running for an hour and this time I was able to almost 12 KM close to an hour. Got some toned milk from the shop and kept in the fridge. Luckily had stocked Gatorade and consumed around 200ml and after bath had some new Bran flakes. Tasted pretty decent and off I went cycling to office. Will run a shorter distance (5KM?) tomorrow and will be in Hyderabad this weekend to catch up home and by buddy from Australia.

Keep cycling and running as I have some runs planned up at HYD as well.

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