Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jaw Locking while Yawning

Oh ! A terrible thing happened yesterday when I was having a coffee talk with my colleagues. I yawned for a second and immediately during this process my throat got choked and my jaws got misaligned and it was pain for 4-5 seconds and immediately got myself disentangled. It was scary. I then did a quick google search and found that it was a common problem and had to do something with the dental stuff. Soon called my ever reliable dental doctor Kalli (aka Dental Kalyan) and he explained me the whole thing and nothing to panic. Since this was the first time it had happened he asked me to be just cautious while yawning,like I don't open my mouth very wide and support my chin with hands while having a big yawn.

I guess it has to do with a ball that is near the brain which is supported by muscles. If these muscles are overstretched (which happens during yawning) they tend to mess the jaws and thereby choking. It was nice learning experience and any of you experience such thing just don't panic. My doctor friend also suggested some jaws related training stretches and asked me to chew gum occasionally. That was quite an experience.

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