Sunday, May 11, 2008

KBR Park - 10K

Sidd sent me message about a run by Hyderabad Runners at KBR park today. I called up Sidd yesterday and seemed like he had other commitments but he suggested that I go ahead with the run as there would be lot of "Janta". There was a mail by Gopi from Hyderabad Runners asking us to join him by 5.45AM.

As usual my day started at 4.45AM and by 5.50AM I was there at the main entrance of the KBR park and I'd never run there before. I didn't see any one who looked like a runner but one person near the parking looked like one and asked him if he was "Hyderabad Runners". He was Ravi and soon as our conversations began it turned out that he was Sidd's former colleague and friend from the NGO Asha Kiran. Man no one else came and by 6AM we started and and the loop was 5.1KM. I guess RFL at Bangalore is much more active in their unorganized runs and more crowd. It was mostly hard trail with a good mixture of up and down hill. The entry inside is paid. Ravi tells me that he comes across a celebrity every time he runs in here and today we ran into Satyam's Ramlinga Raju. After one loop Ravi called it off and preferred to walk while I ran to finish one more round.

As I was winding up after 10K in 1 hour 10 minutes Ravi joined me with Gopi and his mate from Hyderabad Runners. It was a quick "hi and hello" and looked like they started off at 5.30AM. I was in need of some water and Ravi offered me and he too took off on his cycle as he had to bike till Begumpet. By 7.20AM I was home and it was very quick run. Nice place to run next time again in HYD. Off to Bangalore tonight.

Until then, happy running.

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Naveen said...

"Man no one else came and by 6AM we started.."...Welcome to the city of nawabs :)