Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Random runnning - 10K

So finally I was out on roads after I dismissed the alarm at 5.15AM and the guilt woke me up by 5.45AM and by 6.35AM I was on the roads miling. Absolutely no idea on the route but the plan was to run a minimum of one hour, that means around 10KM. The preparation for the Sunfeast 10K run has been good so far but the bad part is that they are going to start the open 10K at 9AM and I'm sure the sun will begin to shine hard.

Today's run was good as I clocked the first 2KMs with a very god pace and eventually settled to my 10KMPH pace. I believe 5.30AM is the right time to run and by 6.30-7 I must wind it up. As soon as I was nearing the Victoria road I took the right towards Airport and was facing the traffic most of the times. As I approched Domlur I checked the time and it was 7.20AM and I had 15 minutes to finish the Intermediate ring road and as I was about to windup I saw Nischal Pai with her black shades running towards Domlur on the uneven trail on the footpath. Just exchanged a smile and hi and I carried on and it was just 3 minutes more than an hour and I had covered 10.3KM now and decided to walk till home. But the open ground was more tempting so I decided to jog the rest of the 200 meters. As soon as I crashed in I was feeling very thirsty and the Gatorade preserved for the Sunfeast 10K had to be sacrificed.

Click for the route.

May cycle tomorrow or will do a quick 3-4K just to feel good and on Friday might do a 11K with Biswa. Also, got my acceptance letter from the Procam guys and now I need to collect the bib and goodie bag. Probably will wait for Biswa's letter and then we'll go together to get it. So training is on track and hope to crack the 10K within an hour. I guess I've now gradually migrated running 10Ks on alternate days.

Keep miling !

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