Sunday, May 4, 2008

RFL - Fortnight runs and the Cooking oil

Another earl morning. This time I manged to bike (cycle) till Kanteerva stadium and my day began at 4.45AM and I was on my way out by 5.20AM from home and guess must have reached stadium before 6 and soon I was joined by another cyclist Manjunath. Just as I went in to handover my shades and stuff at the bag counter coach asked me to quickly go for a jog before stretching. The stretches were good as usual and soon we were at the Cubbon gate. The idea of doing 10K in 45 minutes was lingering and the run was pretty neat this time. I was anyway not thinking beyond 10K as I had to cycle good 10K back home.

The runs where quick and by the time I realized it was 41 minutes for my 7.5K and the only other hope was to finish it before an hour and I finished 10K in 58 minutes. Not many running partners this time. Went back to Kanteerva by 8AM and the cool down stretches on Nike mats were real good. It was real fun. Then I slowly decided to move as the Nike club runs for this Saturday was put off due to section 144 (elections round the corner here in Karnataka). Then I slowly cycled back and stopped by Jantha Tea stall for a short while (the Tea today was Okayish) and was home by 9AM.

Had some corn flakes, oats and Museli as quick breakfast and slept for an hour or so when the flat security woke me up for some election ID card stuff. Then decided to cook lunch my self. Aloo curry, Lauki ka Dal (kutu in Tamil), yesterday's Tofu and some Dahi to top it up. Another bell and this time it was the new maid (we fired our old maid). Then as I was cutting the lauki (bottle gourd) the gas was over. Soon Abhi and I rushed to the gas outlet but he had no vehicle to deliver. Then Abhi took the gas delivery boy in his Pulsar to home and got it refilled with a new one. Then only could I finish my cooking.

Nice lunch for a single person and then I read a very nice article in "The Magazine" section of The Hindu about which cooking oil to use.

Read more here: Link

Now downloading "Long Way round" and back to office from tomorrow.

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