Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend log

Started weekend with Bellandur bibs with Juggy, Bhasker and others last Saturday. Was planning another 30K but Bhasker cautioned me for overdoing this run, so I was just contended with 17K loop. My bike was jammed in the mud and had a very slow fall as I was approaching the run site and luckily Bhasker was behind me. They quickly rushed to raise me and the fact that my right leg was jammed and luckily my shoe bore all the brunt. No injury at all thankfully and to God. We waited for the birthday boy Satsang to join and by six we were all set. Some stretches were bad owing to run the previous night but overall the weather was perfect. Went back home and was planning to prepare a south Indian meal. Got some spinach, bhendi and curd. Lunch was set and watched a movie and slept rest of the day as there was power outage as well. Dinner was at Rendezvous, and this worth a visit. Had a veg Lasagna and it was very well prepared I must say. I'll review this place soon.

Sunday was mostly away catching up with Abhay for couple ginger Tea at "Sri Devi Bakery" BTM. The cook had prepared some "Sattoo Paratha" for dinners during lunch time and that was good enough for the night. Watched one more movie and ruined another Sunday.

Watched these two movies, "Dead Man's Shoes" and "There will be blood". They weren't boring and at the same time they were not that great either. Some kind of psychic characters rule both these movies. That's about it for the weekend. Lot of work ahead this week and time to start weekday running.

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