Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Log

Since there had been too many things at my end this weekend, thought I'll put in a bulleted list.

* Friday night got treated by Abhinav at "More than Paranthas" and Biswa's pal Raj coming over for his return to Canada. Abhi now leaves to TAMU for his Masters. Good luck to you pal. The Parathas placed was over priced and not at all worth the visit. I'll follow it up with a separate review.
* Saturday morning at Biswa's office Gym, and my first run on treadmill. Did a 5.3 in 28.3 minutes.
* So we followed it up with salad Lunch at Star Bazaar and Pav Bhaji for dinner
* Watched this movie called "Radio", starring Cuba Gooding Jr and my favourite Ed Haris. Really worth a watch as we caught up with it at Sony Pix while casually browsing channels. Later watched Departed in HBO.
* Sunday I ran for 25.7 Km, my longest ever and gave the RFL fortnight run at Henur a miss. Took me three hours exact and for the route check here:
Click for Route
* Cook didn't turn up for lunch so we pulled him for dinner and had Luchi made.
* House/Apt search on a pause.
* So many old pals coming back to India this August. Asked them to get loads of energy bars and Gatorade stock for coming days. Abhay must have been back to India by now with first stocks.

All in all a quick weekend and all set for my 30K at Chennai. Amit will be unwinding tomorrow after his internship here. Planning to change my travel dates for the Chennai run as I'll have to find my couch elsewhere.

Keep Miling.

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