Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bobby Dhaba

(From Right to Left: Damien, Vandy and I outside Boby Dhaba)

Boby Dhaba, sounds very Punjabi. This is the most authentic Punjabi food (only parathas and subzi) that you will find in Bangalore. It is located right adjacent to the Gurudwara in Usloor (very close Ulsoor lake or Trinity circle on MG Road). Once you reach the Gurudwara you'll find a small road leading to a little downhill stretch. Right there you'll find lot of people standing and make no mistake there is no board outside.

You may find the place chock-a-block with people and filled with lot of smoke and dim lighting, but then it is the best. Average waiting will be 20 minutes. So once you go in reserve a seat on your name and oreder immediately, so when you are ready to sit your food is ready as well. I've been here a dozen times now and every time it tasted perfect. The rates are very normal and a heavy lunch/dinner for two would cost around 140 bucks. The first thing that you must order is "Muttha" or the (salt) lassi (buttermilk) or chach. The glass is really very giant and goes well with the meal. See Vandy in trans already in the pic on your right.

Parathas, subzis, dals are there in good number of variety. See the menu pic above for their delicacies. If you are looking for ambiance and plush then you may not savour this but, but this is best paranthas place (I'm told Lalitha's parathas on Commercial street is good as well). It is entirely veg but "Egg Bhurji" is available here. One cup is more than sufficient for two people. Achar, hari mirch (green chili) and "onion and cucumber" salad are natural accompaniments.

Parathans come piled up with yellow butter on top allowed to melt. These paranthas are served very hot and the butter melting is a spectacle to watch. Forget calories, they taste perfect. You must be seeing it on your left. We tried Aloo, methi, mooli and paneer parathas while the side accompaniments were "Baingan bartha", "Dal Makhani" and Curd. Look at the Menu to cater to your tastes. The service is fast and prompt and you can also order if you feel like having more.

Finally, you must try out their "Kheer" here for sure and Vandy got psyched out after she ate the Kheer. May be she felt like "kaikai" of Ramayana who gulped lot more "kheer". After that we (she) decided to walk from MG road to office, yes and we almost did it (7KM).

So next time if you are around MG Road and ready to wait for half an hour and just do not care about diet for a day, then this is the place. Bon Appetite !


Roops said...


Very well written and cool pics!! :)
Would you mind writing some reviews on burrp!

plz check for more details. We'd love to have you write for us.

Vinay said...

Looks yummy..... :)
But need to watch that load of butter on the paratha