Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bangalore Rains and Tree uprooting

When it rains, especially cats and dogs here in Bangalore, the trees here get uprooted. Last year it was mayhem at Cunningham Road with quite a many cars taking the butt. As I was biking to my office and just as I entered 5th block I saw few people staring at a house and with curiosity bubbling I just gave a ricochet glance and just about a minute or two ago this huge tree uprooted and fell over this house.

I'm sure no one was injured, but definitely work for the electricity and BSNL folks. Looks I've become a mobile journalist. Here is a time when trees are being felled by the BBMP to widen roads and groups protesting against it, and ironically the nature disentangles these giants from its belly.

(Click on the image for full-scale/larger view)

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Tree Pruning Bronx said...

I didn't quite understand until I enlarged the picture. Then I realized "wow" - "that tree got completely uplifted." Looks like a disaster. Is anyone hurt?

-Oscar Valencia