Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dasavtaram - yes it sucks

I'm not too sure what made KB (K.Balachander) go ga ga over this new Kamal flick. I wasn't too sure what Kamal was trying to do here. Emulate a Rajani in getting a cancer our from his brain through a gun shot. Rajani I guess still does such stuff with panache. Seriously if Kamal and others think this was a great work and I must confess that this movie is a very mediocre attempt with the makeup being very patchy.

I loved Kamal only as a granny and the Christian (guess it was a Keralite role). The Telugu role was good but they just made fun of India's RAW. It was CG (Computer Graphics) everywhere. You name it and there was CG used. Even when a normal slow motion would have a done the job they used a CG. Sucks man, seriously it sucks.

I'll give this movie a 1.2 out of 5. Trying to gain some sympathy by bringing forth of yore differences between Shiva and Vishnu followers. Pathetic effort and all I could see in the whole movie was CG. I guess my juniors at IIIT Hyderabad would do a fantastic job of it. I'm not too sure how Kamal and co burnt so much money.

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