Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kamat Yatri Nivas - North Karnataka Meals

So finally we went to Kamat Yatri Nivas in Majestic (Gandhinagar). It is right next to Swapna Book stall or behind National Market or Sukh Sagar. The new and old from the Lunch gang joined to see off (purportedly) Amit. It is on the 4th floor and I've been here around 4-5 times now. Also known as "Jolada" (Jawar) roti meals comes from the part of Northern Karnataka. Jawar is also known as "Jonaa" in Telugu and sorghum in English.

The meal is priced at 90 (normal) and 120 (special). In the special one you get extra sweet, ice cream and mirchi-bajji. You have unlimited quantity of butter milk, Jolada roti, rice, 3 different curries, raitha and list keeps going. "Pai" is another restaurant right near Anand Rao circle that serves this kind of a meal. I'm also told that Kamat "Lokaruchi" on the Mysore road near to Madur/Mandya serves the same and the Kamat Bugglerock near Bull temple (Basavanagudi) serves this. Ragi meal is typically the south canary meal served at New Krishna Bhavan (Sampinge Road) and Kamat Coffee Shop right below the Kamat Yatri Nivas.

Weekday meals are difficult to go by and the time taken to travel to Majestic all the way from office is also a big factor. All in all it is neat place for meal-freaks and first timers who are looking for so called authentic Karnataka food other than the likes of MTR (near Lal Bagh).

I'll be off to Chennai this weekend and will hopefully try to get you Saravana Bhavan at Mylapore and Murugan Idli shop at Besant Nagar (near beach). I'd been to the oldest and original Murugan Idli shop in Madurai couple of months back (hopefully will dig out the pics soon). Of course I go to Mumbai, Amit will probably will have to take me to some local desi stores.

Until then, bon appetit.


DCM said...

I love the 'jolada rotti oota' at Kamat BugleRock. Best part is the unlimited 'butter milk' :). Its been a while since I ate there. Price was 70 and 100 then. I will plan for lunch coming or next weekend :D

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