Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Idly Bazaar - Koramangla

Idly Bazaar @ Koramangla is right on the road to SKK (Sri Krishna Cafe). I had been a similar place on Indira Nagar CMH road long long time back. It serves 5-6 different varieties of Idlies at a decent price.

Kunal, Amit and I decided to devour over these Idlis sometime back. You also get some Dosas, Adai Avail (average taste) and others. For the first timers its a nice little place to try at least once. If you've hated Idli, then the camouflaged Idlis here will be a nice try. Heard new varities of Idlis have started at the SKK as well during evening snacks.

Also the special Idli varities are available after 4PM during the day.

(Amit and Kunal in the Pics alongside the Idlis)

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