Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Weekend Running and Movie @ Hyderabad

Was a short trip and ran at KBR park going about 2 loops. KBR park is really good test for the knees with so much of up and down hill. Looks like the Hyderabad Runners had already started before 6AM and I had to do a solo. Haven't been running on weekdays for sometime now and I guess I'll have to start from this week on. Shumit sent me a mail about ECR run this July 20 organized by Chennai Runners. Guess I'll be doing a 30K there and would probably be my longest ever.

Later in the day Naveen and I met up at Kamat in Lakdi ka pool and I had my "Pessaratu Upma". Then we decided to go to a movie and we chose "Gamyam" telugu movie. I must confess, it was a great decision. "Gamayam" takes a simple subject and is an earnest attempt by the director and the casting has been real good. Everyone played the role to their best and the director chose to have have many familiar faces even for roles that don't last more than a minute. He might have as well chosen new faces to cut some costs. All in all it was an amazing movie and I recommend you all to watch it if you can get access to its DVD.

This week on I'll be pushing into more vigorous running on weekdays and back to some regular diet. Keep me watching.

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