Saturday, June 14, 2008

22.5K, Longest Ever

After having watched Italy and Romania settling for a draw and some close EURO encounters it was time to turn back to running. I ran a 21K last sunday and I ran today close to 22.5K in two and half hours, the longest ever I've run and by this month I plan to touch 25K and probably a 30K next month in Chennai (and hopefully a 42K in Hyderabad in July).

As usual the day began at 4.30 in the morning and by 5.30 I was miling. I just kept on running and with a far too less speed. Having no other plans for the weekend (couldn't get any Dasavtaram tickets) I guess I had to wait for my cook for some paranthas. Two over just went by and 8AM I was almost close to my house. Had some coconut water and then rushed home for an oat meal breakfast. Had to do some post run stretching for almost 30 minutes.

Tomorrow there is an RFL run at Kanakpura road and I plan to cycle there. 22KM from my place. Then run a max of 10K and then cycle back. Very miniature version of a Duotholon. Lets see how things shape up, but a nice time to hit the sack.

Till then adios amigo !

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