Monday, June 30, 2008

Bellandur Run and Movies

Last weekend was special in many ways. Had a great sleep and woke up right at 8AM when the maid buzzed the bell. By 9AM I was getting a tad restless and wanted to run but finally decided to cycle on the roads and took my usual 21K route and decided to go via Lal Bagh on the return. Just bumped into office for a while to check some code so that it can be re-run for the next day as it takes 4 hours to run on my dataset. Then went back home and Biswa hinted that we have to fill in the grocery stuff so after a quick bath we dashed to Spar market right near the Sony world junction. Pretty close to our place and Biswa decided to take the car as we expected to gross in a lot of stuff. It was almost two hours of shopping and by the time we reached home it was 2PM. So we decided to make quick "dalia" khichidi and added soya chunks, raddish, carrot, mutter and you name it. Came out perfect and I was sleeping the rest of the day and dinner was contended with frozen parathas.

Sunday started at 4.30AM and by 6AM we were near the Bellandur rail crossing. I took the Sarjapur road and found Doc Rajat waiting on his car. Even I wasn't sure of the directions but soon one of the RFL chaps directed us in his motorcycle. Quite a good turnout. Met up with couple of fellow runners. RFL guys pinned us with some light weight RFID timers on our bibs as a new trial. The loop was supposed to be a 8KM one but Aswin's Garmin read it was 7.26KM. Ran with Aswin for most of the time before we bumped into Pankaj and ran the last 10KM with him. We wanted to stop at 14K but Pankaj made sure we did a neat 21K and it was great to run with Pankaj. We clocked 21K in two and half hour. Spent some time stretching as others started to move.

When I reached home it was time to try the new peanut butter and by noon our cook was there and we had rajma made for the dinner and sattu paratha for lunch. Later spent the day sleeping and by 6PM it was movie time.

"In Bruges" was recommended to me by pal Chandy and I guess its still under download. So "Pursuit of HappYness" was this weekend's choice and it was fantastic and nuances of life suits aptly to Indian conditions as well. Two hours of emotions and by 9PM it was time for Rajma Chawal as dinner to round off a well deserved weekend break. Time to start venturing for some nice swimming places. The abs crunches have started and by year end I'm planning to get rid off the beauty spot around by belly and touch the sub 80 weight. Way to go Balu !

Until then keep running !

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