Monday, June 16, 2008

Dutholon - not really

Well my Sunday started as early as 3.30AM and the plan was to cycle all the way till the RFL fortnightly run on the Kanakpura road. Some 26KM from my place and then run a 10K there and back to home. Things went according to plan as I started from my place at 4.45AM and by 6AM I was at the venue all set. While on my way I realized that the JP Nagar is all dug up for Metro and since I had a cycle I was able to manoeuvre it easily. I guess the air in tyres weren't up to the mark so the ride wasn't as quick as I expected it to be.

Then the run started on a beautiful serene surrounding with a loop of 5 KM. Finished two loops and it was a mixture of trail and road running with up and down hill. Then took my bicycle for a 7KM loop on the tar road and it was wonderful. After some snacks like biscuits, energy bars and electral drinks I started to cycle back. Joseph offered to help to drop me back if needed but I guess I was okay cycling back. On my way back things started to get a little tough with even small elevation was like a big uphill task. I walked those short distances and Joseph and his wife passed by encouraging.

Within no time I crossed the NICE road and Metro outlet on Kanakpura road and by 10.30AM I was back home. Luckily the new cook called up and he was about to come in an hour. So we got some nice Aloo and Satoo parathas made. Just the previous night Amit and I had been Bobby Dhabba near Ulsoor lake adjacent to the Gurudwara. 170 bucks for two people for 7 paratha, chole and dal makahani. Its been raining parathas for me.

Till then folks, keep miling !

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Shumit said...

Good stuff dude!!! I see that you are doing a whole lot of running. Just keep it going and keep changing the surfaces. I got myself a bike and have been biking and swimming these days. Its been fun