Thursday, June 26, 2008

Weekday Run, Finally

After slumbering out there for almost 3 weeks, here I am finally on road miling on a weekday. I'm back into strict diet again and yesterday night Biswa and I decided to do a quick 6K run. As usual after snoozing the clock couple of times I was up by 5.30AM and Biswa decided to cave into further sleep. So by 6.20AM I was out on outer ring road clocking miles. Then went into EGL for a brief while and at a later stage went into Kormangla 5th and 6th block before I finally reached home exactly after an hour.

Been really long running on a weekday and I'm sure the high calorie mangoes that I had the previous night was very motivating. Have been consistently hanging around 82Kgs for sometime now. Time to break into the sub-79 barrier in couple of months and intend to maintain it thereabouts. Not sure where to run this Saturday, but might go to GKVK cycling (still undecided though). After the new washing machine at home here, life has been great. Its a Samsung, fully automatic, in the price range of 9.5K. Guess worth to have one.

Until then boy and girls, keep miling.

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