Sunday, June 8, 2008

Self Imposed Half Marathon - 21K

I did not run on Saturday morning but was planning a treadmill run but somehow I'm not an evening runner. So just yesterday night during the EURO 2008 matches I decided its time I did a big one solo. Plan was to go to GKVK but wasn't worth the effort. So the day began right at 4:15AM and I was awake by 4.30AM. Got my energy bars, electral in the empty Gatorade bottle at exactly at 5:35AM I was miling.

The route that I generally take is for my cycling activity and today it had to be running and I guess my first water stop was after an hour and fifteen minutes, around the 12KM mark. By two hours I had almost done 19 odd KMs and by two hours and 15 minutes I reached close to Maharaja hotel near my home. I wanted to cut through the 25KM mark which would have been the highest that I would have ever run on a single day but I guess I'll do that in July in Chennai (30K mostly). Then Amit, Kunal and I were supposed to go for brunch but we got Kunal's confirmation a bit late. So Amit and I went to New Krishna Bhavan at Sampige road and it was all the effort.

The pain is slowly sinking in and the weather overcast. Just the right time to go for a siesta.

Click here for the route

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Anonymous said...

one question only. how do you carry all these energy bars, water with you? bag? sack?