Monday, April 13, 2009

Tour De Gandipet

Wow, what a run it was. I've been in Hyderabad for almost 24 years and I could have never thought of running a distance wherein the APSRTC actually operates a bus service. Yes, we in fact out ran the bus number 120 (Mehdipatanam to Gandipet). Tomorrow if someone asks me to run till Samshabad airport I might actually end up running if I've got a bunch of runners like the Hyderabad Runners.

After my Knee injury I've never run a comfortable 20K run for some time now. All the cross training and ankle weight exercises have helped. After yesterdays run things have fallen back in proper shape. I was out with Team Asha Tee as everyone gathered at the starting spot.

The run was for 22K and began at the Film nagar entrance from KBR park and started at 5.24AM. We were five of us running (Vasu, Satish, Amey, Rajesh and I) and Prasad was there to help us out with mobile logistics.

We started all the way from KBR, went towards Whisper Valley and then downwards towards Darga and then turned left towards Narayanama College and then went past Sheikpet and Tolichowki. Finally at Nanal Nagar cross roads we took a right towards Andhra Floor Mills and then towards Langar House. Then proceeded towards Vasavi College, Taramati, passing beyond CBIT and then finally hitting Gandipet (Osman Sagar).

It took us 2 hours and 15 minutes for 22KMs. We ran in pairs most of the time. Vasu and Rajesh and Myself, Satish and Amey. The route from Nanal Nagar was almost like a trip down memory lane I was brought in this area and I've was like giving a live "Tour De Langar House". There was some traffic near Tolichowki and Langar house but it was manageable.

We had Prasad who was there almost every 2KM ahead ready with supplies. He also had a huge stock of water just to make sure we don't run out of it. Its really tough for a runner to do logistics and resist the temptation of running, especially when you see your pals running in front of you.

All in all we manged to finish the run neatly and after some quick stretches we headed towards Golkonda Resorts for breakfast and ended having a pretty decent buffet breakfast. The menu was loaded with some heavy duty stuff and at least I gained back all the calories that I'd burnt :-)

Thanks again to Prasad for dropping us all back to KBR !

To quote from one of the Hyderabad Runner, Satish.

We finally did it. Here is the route :

We (Rajesh, Vasu, Amey, Balu and Myself) started at 5:20am near BVB
gate KBR park. Prasad was gracious enough to accompany us in the SAG
car (couldn't have done it without him). We ran down the Whisper
valley, then turned left onto the old mumbai highway and finally
hopped onto the road to Gandipet at Nanal nagar. The traffic on the
road was a little bad even that early in the morning. To add to that
it was the IIT entrance day at CBIT and all along the way while
running we were giving directions to the IIT aspirants. We finally
finished our run at Gandipet at 7:30am. We stretched and snacked on
biscuits and dates and finally piled onto the breakfast bar at
Golkonda resorts. After that there was no telling. By the time we were
done, each of us were atleast a kgs heavier and 250 bucks lighter.
Gandipet is a great destination for running long distances. The final
few kms one can just think of the breakfast and finish the run. Balu
had taken quite a few pics, hoping for a nice blog from him.

Gopi where are you man? Anirudh ....

I have already planned for the route for the next long run as per
Prasad's suggestion (This guy know Hyd in the back of his mind) : - HCU to Gandipet ....

Some running related pics:

As you can see these guys are already planning another Gandipet Run. If you are in Hyderabad around April 26 catch them up folks ! Its all the worth.

Until then, keep miling !


Vandana said...

Cool run indeed!!!
Tomorrow if someone asks me to run till Samshabad airport I might actually end up running ... this is nice...will save lot of money too.. may be you can consider running from station to home and vice-versa during your trips to home :)

Anonymous said...

If only you had agreed to run towards miyapur ...