Saturday, April 18, 2009

Team Asha Ananya Run and Karate

So we are going right on track with the training for the Sunfeast 10K even though most of the kids have gone home for vacation. We have given them schedules and have asked them to follow the training program to their best of abilities.

Karate Update:

Sensei Ni Rei (bow to the Sensei)
Dojo Ni Rei (Bow to the class/training hall)

We also learned lot of new moves in Karate over the last few weeks, thanks to Sensei Manjula. We've imbibed the first "Kata", the simulated fight.

We have learned the three punches (Tsuki) (Gedan, chudan and nidan), three front kicks (Ma Giri), one side kick (Yoko Giri) and one back fist punch(Uraken)

Couple of blocking techniques as well.
As it goes we are now ready for the first belt, the "yellow" belt !

Santosh and I had a talk with Sashi on future activity for Ananya kids and Sashi taught us something wonderful about "Möbius strip". Interesting, do read about it in the Wiki below and also about its unique properties.

Until then keep running !

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Vinodh said...

Dude, eagerly waitin for the post with karate moves.