Friday, April 3, 2009


<a href="">Ganamurthy by Autorickshaw</a>

This is an amazing band and I've listened to their "So the journey goes" and "Four Higher" albums. Jazz and Indian karnatic. Must listen and soothing to ears!


Ed said...

Hi, Autorickshaw here.

thanks for the kind words!

let us know if you'd like a free song or 2...we can arrange that.

lots of live music and videos on the website:

BTW, we played in Bangalore a couple of years ago, at the Freedom Jam...and we would love to come back!


Balu said...


Wow! Thanks a lot for dropping by. I'd never expected.

Yes, I'd like to have a copy of "Saraswati" from Four Higher.

So the journey goes has been my all time favourite, esp. "Manjunatha".

It is difficult to get an original audio CD here in India. I haven't found one :-(

Wonderful to hear from you. I'd love to listen to you live when you come to India next.

Please drop by again to my blog and India (Bangalore)!

Ed said...


Drop us an email, and we'll hook you up.