Sunday, March 1, 2009

Speed Runs Begin

Seems like Hyderabad, my home town, always gets the best out of me and I'm sure it is just the beginning. Called up Sidd for a run but looks like he didn't make it and thankfully the Hyderabad runners were planing a 10K loop around KBR park and Banjara Hills. Caught with with Satish, Vasu and Prasad. It was a great run at least by my standards and the last 3KM were done at a pretty decent pace and I locked into Satish's pace.

I've been pacing around 10KMPH al this while and today was the day to break the 60 minute barrier and we completed around 10.5KM in about 55 minutes. Good start for my speed runs and the idea is to do a half marathon sub 2 hours by middle of this year. A 50 (~49) minute 10K is what I'll be looking at Sunfeast 10K this May in Bangalore.

May be I should just go for the Tibet Marathon this year (just too tempted!). Good start to a new running season ! Shumit has been another force behind speed runs !

Keep Miling !

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